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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

After fucking her man for a couple minutes, Miss Redhead sits motionless on him with his dick still buried up inside her, as he undoes her garter belt, unclipping it from the stockings and casting it aside. He stands up with his hands under her knees, as you see her body still impaled on his penis, the camera angle from below giving you an incredibly explicit view of her spread-open cunt tightly closed around the shaft.

They turn around so that he can set her down in the chair, and he fucks her for a minute with her long slender legs spread wide open. On his knees in front of her, he puts his hands behind his back and remains still while she fucks him, arching forward and grinding herself on him, close-ups displaying her hairy twat surrounding his cock with each gentle thrust. While getting fucked, he rolls down her stockings and pulls them off her feet, then uses them to tease her by dangling them so that they brush against her chest. She decorates her tits with them as he pulls out and kisses down her stomach to her crotch.

She flips the stockings over his head and pulls him close with them as he delves into her snatch, licking her labia gently before pulling them apart with his fingers to expose her delicious-looking vagina and clitoris. Close-ups focus on his tongue licking all around inside, teasing the clitoris and massaging her inner labia while his fingers keep her spread wide open. Sucking on her clit and flicking his tongue around, he reaches up to fondle her tits. As she moans softly and writhes more erratically, she runs her stockings over his back, and over her tits when he releases them. She is bucking quite rapidly now, gasping while her lover pleasures her orally. She apparently climaxes, pitching forward a few times while holding his head, then collapses back into the chair.

He kisses up her front to her mouth, and they make out while he positions himself over her. Without separating their tongues, the tip of his dick pierces her pubic hair again, sinking deep inside. Still moving slowly and steadily, he rams his cock all the way up into her pussy, thrust after thrust completely filling her. She looks into his eyes as his pace quickens, encircling his neck with her arms. He is emitting low moans now, and her arms flop over her head while he leans back, grabbing her hips and pulling her into him each time he plunges into her. You are shown an extreme close-up of her hairy puffy labia being separated again and again by the shaft of his dick pushing them apart — they seem to suck him in when they collapse on the inward stroke, and expel him when they separate on the outward stroke.

After a wider shot of them continuing to fuck, more erratically now, a shot zoomed into her torso shows him bury his dick inside and leave it there for a couple seconds, then withdraw it quickly and plop on her pubic mound, while moaning, “uuuuuhhhhhh!” Fluid begins to flow out, and then a huge spurt flies out suddenly onto her stomach. Another “UUuuaaaahhh,” and her hand grabs his dick and slides up and down the shaft, releasing two more large spurts that make it up to her tits, then a couple more gushes run over her pretty fingernails and soak into her pubic hair. She continues to gently run her fingers over his cock until the flow stops, and wipes the bead of semen away from his dick hole and onto her stomach. Another bead appears, which she wipes away as well. The camera stays on his dick for even longer as her fingernails scrape gently across it a few times. More semen seeps out and again is wiped away. The piano music starts up again as the couple’s breathing sounds fade.

When the flow seems to be completely finished, she grabs a blob of the sticky mess out of her pussy hair and brings it up to her tit, letting it flow over her nipple to accompany the two streams that are already visible up there. After retrieving another fingerful of cum from her pubic hair, you see just her smiling face and tits as she pats her nipple with her fingertips, apparently admiring the way it sticks to her fingers and titty, forming a strand that connects them. She wipes up some of the escaping fluid to keep it from running down her body, and tries to pile it up on her nipple again, to no avail, as it flows away again. But, she’s having fun, as her smiling turns to giggling — her boobs shake when she giggles, one completely dry and one completely glazed with cum. The camera pans down, showing the streams down her stomach, and arrives at her bush again, half-soaked and glistening with man juice.

The guy stands up and pulls her to her feet, hugging her close, not caring or maybe enjoying the wet mess between them. He kisses her deeply and then sits in the chair as the music continues. She sits on his lap, legs draped over an arm of the chair, kicking playfully, and makes out with him for a minute before they close their eyes with her head on his shoulder. They sit there motionless, and to your surprise there is actually a scroll of simple closing credits as the scene darkens and the music fades out.