Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You drop your bag and grab Monica around the waist before the door even clicks shut, pinning her against the wall. The “plans” you made on the fly a few minutes ago were to just grab her and do her the second you stepped inside. You seal your mouth on hers and kiss her deeply. She kisses back, working her tongue inside. You lift her hands above her head to kiss down her neck, but her blouse is buttoned all the way up so that’s not going to work. You kiss her tits through her blouse anyway, trying to feel her nipples with your mouth as she runs her fingers roughly through your hair. You unbutton the buttons on the front of her skirt and push the waistband down. She wiggles and it comes off her hips, dropping to the floor. You notice her shoes are gone — she must have kicked them off somewhere.

You wrap the palms of your hands around her ass checks and lift, picking her up off the floor. She wraps her legs around you as she pulls on your shirt, lifting it up to expose your midriff. A couple kisses later, you drop one leg — now that she can stand on it, you just hold the other up while she pulls your shirt all the way off. You are now unbuttoning her blouse from the bottom, and when you get near the top you open it up, grabbing at her tits and admiring her light blue pink-trimmed panties as she grinds them against your bulge. You undo the last two buttons, revealing that, as you kind of expected, her bra matches those panties.

One arm slides behind her, and you feel the bare skin of her back while you kiss again, dropping her leg and going for the tie at the top of her blouse. You pinch at the back of her bra, feeling the clasp as she undoes your pants. You push the blouse off her shoulders and it catches on her arms, since she’s pushing your pants down and reaching inside the waistband of your boxers. You have a full hard-on already, since it started in the car and hasn’t subsided since. As one arm and then the other comes out of the sleeves of her blouse, which stays pinned behind the small of her back since she’s still crushed against the wall, the back of her bra finally pops open. One of her hands is down your boxers and the other around your neck; one of your hands is inside her bra and the other down the front of her panties. Your tongues swirl around each other’s mouths as your hands swirl around each other’s naughty parts.

As Monica pushes your boxers down and continues to pull on your boner, you pull the bra off her shoulders. She switches hands to let it come off her arms as you step on the heels of your shoes to get them off. It takes a little bit more awkward stepping, with her help, to manage to get your socks off, at which time her blouse falls from behind her. You kick the boxers off your feet and swipe all that stuff away. Only one more piece of clothing remains — but only for a moment. You slip her panties down to her knees quickly; they drop to her feet and are just as quickly kicked aside. The two of you are now totally naked, eager bodies pressed up against each other.