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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Rachel looks at you almost disgusted, like she’s wondering if she heard you right.

“A nurse?” you ask. She shakes her head slightly with her mouth open a bit, not knowing quite what to say. “A stewardess?”


“Oh, right, you can’t say that anymore,” you answer. “Flight Attendant,” you say in a fake snobby accent, nose in the air. You start laughing as you say, “lounge singer?”

Lips tightly together, she laughs hard through her nose. “Astronaut!” Now you know she gets it!

“UFC fighter?”

“You did have me going there for a few seconds. Ooooh, news anchorwoman?” she suggests.

You have a good laugh for a minute and come up with a few more silly ones. But then she really gets back on topic. “Seriously, though… kidding aside, I know if I did actually watch you screw someone else, the ultimate would be someone at her work. I’m sure you would if I was okay with it. Which I am — I think it would be hot.”

“Ummm, yeah… but if we’re really being serious, how would that work? How do we actually bring up such an idea? I mean, we can’t just take a waitress into the back of a restaurant. And I’d get fired if I said anyth-”

“Oooh, waitress, good one.”

“Ha ha. Seriously, though… I’d get fired and probably blacklisted if I said anything to co-workers, same with you. I don’t know how I’d try to bring it up to one of our friends without them looking at me like a creeper after that.”

“Hmmmm, I know what you mean. Let’s think about this. I can’t believe I’m actually helping you with this, but I brought it up. I guess if I really want it to happen, maybe I’ll keep it in mind and try to work in silly conversations with friends and stuff to gauge interest. Or I can do some research… I wonder how other people go about it?”

“Wow, you seem to be putting a lot of thought into it!”

“Well, not yet… but I’m thinking about thinking about it.”

“Yeah… thanks. Wow, I can’t believe we’re talking about this. You mimic her. ”Hey honey, I want to try to help you find another woman for you to have sex with!“

Rachel hugs you. “I know it’s weird. Just a thought. We don’t have to, but if you are up for it and I wake up tomorrow and still feel the same way, we can try to figure something out.”

“I guess the best thing is not to push it, but try to find ways to give us chances that might develop.” You kiss Rachel and cuddle with her and thank her for being crazy and willing to do new things, especially this kind of new thing.

As you lie there on your back falling asleep, you unbutton your boxers and flick your dick back and forth as it becomes a boner, not really caring if your girlfriend sees it. You find yourself fantasizing about lying on the bar at the nearby Italian restaurant while the manager Andressa bounces up and down on your dick. She’s getting mascarpone cheese licked off her tits by Tara the waitress and the petite blonde hostess whose name you don’t know. All the while with Rachel sitting at a table watching you with a wine bottle buried in her cunt.