Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

The other table is still occupied, and yes, the woman is still talking. Two more customers are inside now, two thirty-something women, apparently waiting for the drinks that Elania’s assistant is busy making.

When Rachel sees you coming, she grabs her phone to look at it and smiles at you. “So… hi.”

“Hi there.” You look at each other, expecting the other to say something, but instead just smiling. “I can’t believe we just did that,” she finally whispers.

“We?” you ask. “I did all the work!”

“Yeah, and you worked quickly.” She’s been holding her phone, but now she sets it down on the table facing you, displaying the stopwatch app. 06:08.90.

“What the-?”

“Yep,” Rachel says, grinning, “I timed you.”

“You’re not making fun of me, are, you? I mean, it was supposed to be fast.”

“No… I’m actually impressed.” She realizes she’s talking loudly enough for others to hear, so the lowers her voice. “Also I should feel special that every time you have sex with me, you last for… well, at least seven minutes.”

“You are special.” You lean in to kiss her, and she gives you a quick peck. You get off the topic; you ask her about something at work and you end up talking about that for a few minutes.

You notice Elania is serving the customers their drinks at the counter and the other girl is approaching you. “Hi, you two, nice to see you.” She jerks her head toward the counter. “Elania is chatting it up, you know her — so she wanted me to see what you wanted.” She adds, speaking more loudly, “not to rush you, but we will be closing soon.” You wonder why she raised her voice, and then you clue in — she was making sure the other couple heard her. Smart girl.

You ask Rachel to share something, but she says, “I really want berries, and I know you don’t, so I was thinking the mixed berry mini tart. You can get a mini dark chocolate thing.” You order those, and a macchiato for yourself — you assume Rachel will have some sips. You always think it’s sexy when she shares a drink with you.

Elania comes out with a tray a few minutes later to serve your dessert, looking at you, smiling. “The tart for the lady,” she says, setting down an elegant plate with her dessert on it on front of your girlfriend. She winks at you while she says quietly, “I very much liked your boyfriend’s sex. Thank you for allowing me to… enjoy my break.”

Rachel smiles back. “Thank you for the… performance. That really was super hot.”

Elania sets down a second dessert plate close to Rachel, but it’s not your dessert… it has your used full condom on it!

“Omigosh!” Rachel gasps, turning red, looking around to make sure no one sees because she probably just got everyone’s attention. Elania stows the tray on the table next to you and sets your items down in front of you.

Rachel can’t take her eyes off the condom plate — you’re not sure whether she’s about to laugh or if she’s grossed out. Elania tells her, “and for your tart, my dear, a delicious glaze…” She picks up the condom, holding the tip so that it dangles directly over her tart, clear fluid drizzling out, as Rachel gasps quietly. “A specialty of the house.” She clamps it with the thumb and forefinger of her other hand and squeezes as she slides down, squishing out all of the contents including a couple thick blobs right onto the dessert. Most of it sits atop the berries, but some whitish fluid runs off and pools on the plate.

“Bon Appetit,” Elania says, picking up the tray and heading toward the back.

Rachel stares at her plate, mouth open in shock. “Omigosh! That did not just happen!”