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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by wilkb...)

Your phone buzzes quickly after you send the message. It’s your girlfriend.

Rachel: Thanks love!

You: Do I get one in return?

Rachel: Sure, just give me a minute!

You wait. After twenty minutes you get a bit impatient and consider texting her again, before concluding that she’s just teasing.

Finally, almost forty minutes after you messaged her, your phone goes off. You scramble to open the message and the picture first of all takes your breath away and then sends a wave of jealously through you.

Rachel is topless, her mouth open in a sultry expression, her tongue caught in the middle of licking her lips.

And she needs to lick her lips because they, and most of the rest of her face, are covered in long trails of what can only be cum. Your first thought is that the load is massive. Your second thought is who had shot it over her? Finally, you notice something you’ve only seen in porn. Her chin and tits are covered in saliva and drool.

Someone has face-fucked Rachel.

You don’t know how to react. You stare at the photo for you don’t know how long before texting back: ‘What the hell???’

Rachel replies: This is what a real cock can do to a woman.

Another picture. At first you think she’s sent you back your cock shot. Then you notice this cock reaches the eight inches mark on the ruler. Who the fuck was that?

The next pic is of the same cock, but with the head sliding between Rachel’s full lips.

Realizing your cock is hard, you get it out and start jerking, flicking between the images. You’re so intent on jerking it, you don’t notice the door open…