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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

A few weeks go by, and Rachel has actually brought up her crazy idea again once, and so have you, trying to be nonchalant and accommodating to her, but you know that she knows that you’re totally excited about the prospect and just trying to play it cool. The result is… zero. You are disappointed that there aren’t any leads (well, that you haven’t banged one of her interns on her desk at work yet, but you want to be realistic) — she actually seems disappointed too. The two of you decide not to be frustrated about it, but she actually starts making comments about other women when you are out places together. Kind of weird and kind of hot.

You decide that you want to take her to one of your favorite ‘special’ places for dinner one weekend. No, not the Italian place, even though you’ve thought about Andressa and her harem a few times, but another place you know Rachel likes with kind of a romantic atmosphere. The day arrives, and she tells you that she wants to do something else fun with you beforehand — a surprise — so you get ready to leave way early (you have impressed her with making actual reservations), giving yourselves more than an hour extra for your pre-dinner diversion.

The occasion is appropriate for you to dress nicely, so of course you do. Your girlfriend looks extra nice as well, wearing a simple but pretty long-sleeve knee-length emerald green dress. Her hair is done super cute as well, and she smells delicious. All dressed up and ready to go, you set out for your evening. She is kind of flirty in the car, touching you when you have occasion to laugh at something one of you says, and making a couple sexual innuendos. It’s almost like she’s nervous, like you are dating again. She’s been like this a couple times before that you can remember, and both times you have had some pretty frisky sex that night. Maybe she considers dressing nicely for dinner at a nice place as foreplay. So, you are hoping tonight will be something special.

You are driving, and she gives you directions as you head into a suburban area where you’ve never been before. Driving through a posh neighborhood on curvy streets up and down small hills, you take note of the enormous houses — those which you can see, anyway, as most are mostly-hidden among trees set well back from the road on their large lots. You turn on a smaller street, surprising since you assumed that you were going through the area, not into it.

Rachel tells you, “Okay, you’ll turn in up here….”

You slow down. She’s looking to the right, so you ask, “to the right?”

“Oh, yes, right. Not this one…. Okay, here, the next one.” You turn into the driveway of one of the huge houses, past the stone columns at the head of the driveway, and notice a sign for a realty company outside. Your mind races as you pull up behind a white Audi. “Here we are,” Rachel says.

“Great, yeah… but, where’s ‘here’?” You don’t know jack about real estate, but this must be a two million dollar house. You know a couple people who live in nice half-million dollar homes, and this is easily twice the size of those with a huge lot, and no telling what the view out the back is.

“Ha ha, I said it was a surprise.” She smiles and pats your leg. You get out of the car and hurry around to open the door for her, and the two of you hold hands while walking toward the door.