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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by lonelyguy...)

The two of you sit there for several minutes, making plausible suggestions: receptionist, lawyer, waitress, etc — but the problem continues to arise of how to get to the act. Rachel gently rubs her cunt as you think.

“Oh!” exclaims Rachel, her hand pausing from her rubbing. “What about a delivery girl? We could order pizza or something, and then you could give the girl a ”tip“! Or even a little bit more than just the tip,” she says winking. Her fingers resume rubbing her pretty pussy.

You smile in response. “I love the way you think, Rachel.” You pull her in and kiss her deeply and she moans softly into your mouth. She pulls away and reaches for her cell phone.

“I’ll order a pizza now,” she says.

The next fifteen minutes pass very slowly, but sure enough, the doorbell rings.

Rachel gives you a kiss, and moves to hide in the living room closet. You had decided that you would stand a better chance if there wasn’t a woman already in the room. You freshen up your hair and go towards the door. You open the door and…

It’s a dude. Hell, he’s not even a cute dude. Your smile fades and you stand there awkwardly.

“Fifteen dollars, man,” says Steve, his name being given away by his nametag.

“Er, sure,” you mumble. You hear a slight giggle coming from the closet, but choose to ignore it. You pay Steve, and accept the pizza.

Rachel exits the closet, still laughing at your disappointment.

“Well that didn’t work,” you complain, eating a slice of pizza.

“No,” replies Rachel, “but let’s try again! I’ll reimburse you for this one. Hmm,” she says, looking down at her phone. “How about Jimmy John’s? I know how anxious you are, and they’re supposed to be quick at delivery!” (You’re welcome for the free advertisement, JJ’s.)

Before long, there’s another knock on the door, and Rachel returns to her hiding place. You freshen your hair again, and move towards the door, crossing your fingers, and…

Jackpot. Not only is she a girl, she’s also super cute. She’s late teens, or early twenties. Her wavy brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail for work, her hat holding it in place. She has blue eyes, and stands about a fair five and half feet tall. She smiles brightly at you and you smile back, your eyes shifting to her breasts, er, I mean nametag. “Alyssa.”

“You’re Ross?’’’ she asks, smiling.

“Cute,” you say, just loud enough for her to hear.

Her eyes widen, and she seems a little uncomfortable, probably because of the stranger who is staring at her breasts and saying “cute.”

“Sorry,” you laugh, “it’s just that your smile caught me off guard. That’s why I looked down. Attractive girls like you don’t normally smile at me like that. And yes, it’s Ross.”

Alyssa’s smile comes back, and you sigh inwardly that that worked.

“That’s okay,” she giggles, a very cute giggle. “But I don’t see why they shouldn’t. You’re very attractive yourself.” She laughs, but stops when she realizes she may have gone too far. You smile back at her. “Um, anyways, that’ll be $8.98, Ross,” she says.

“Right,” you say, reaching for your wallet. You pull it out, but realize that you don’t have enough money. You only had $20 to begin with, and you used $15 of that on the pizza. You’ll have to head back into the bedroom. “Uh, sorry,” you say, with a small laugh, “I’ll have to grab some extra money from my room. You begin to return to the bedroom, cursing yourself for not being prepared, when you think of a way to use this to your advantage. You turn back around.

“Alyssa,” you say, her smile returning when you say your name. “Would you mind stepping in and closing the door? It’s quite cold out tonight, and I don’t like the heat escaping.”

“Oh, sure, I’m sorry” she replies, “I’ll just wait outside.” She begins to close the door and you, panicking, say, “wait!” perhaps a little more aggressively than you should have. She stops, a little startled, and you try to cover. “Uh, I mean, you can wait inside! I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold or anything! I’d feel bad!”

She seems a little unsure. “The customer is always right?” you suggest hopefully.

Alyssa smiles, and steps in, closing the door behind her. “Normally, we’re not supposed to go into the houses, but I wouldn’t want to deny a customer!” She laughs that adorable laugh again, and you smile.

“I’ll be right back, make yourself at home” you say, heading into your bedroom. You search your dresser, but seriously can’t find any cash. You’re baffled. Normally you have plenty of extra bills lying around, but not now, not when you actually need them. Eventually you scrounge up a few singles and make your way back into the living room, and you’re greeted to a welcoming sight. Alyssa seems to have taken your invitation to heart. She is sitting on the sofa, rubbing her pussy lightly through her tights while staring at a picture of you and a couple of co-workers from last summer that’s hanging on the wall. You smile and, and get as close as you can without her noticing.

When you’re about three feet away you ask, “need a hand there?” She jumps up, dropping your sandwich in the process, and exclaims, “Oh my God!” She starts apologizing, profusely, and she bends over to pick up your sandwich. When she stands back up, you are standing just in front of her. She stares into your eyes, and you stare into hers. She is nervous and scared. You put a hand on her cheek, and pull her in for a kiss. She resists at first, but you insist, prodding at her lips with your tongue, and she eventually gives in, her tongue intertwining with yours. You’ve got her. But now what?