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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anonymous...)

You quickly slap the guys hands off your girlfriend and say, “Sorry guys she’s all mine,” before attempting to go back to enjoying her tight pussy. Unfortunately the men, feeling emboldened by the lack of people there to say otherwise, grab Rachel again and this time yank her off you.

Rachel looks at you with alarm in her eyes as she realizes that she’s about to be raped. You look at both men and they look at you. You say firmly and roughly, “Let go of my girlfriend or you two fuckers are losing something tonight.”

Sizing you up and not thinking you could do anything, the one on her left says, “No way man. You guys have been teasing us since we got here and now I’m having a turn.”

“Last chance,” you say as you buckle up your pants.

“No way! You can go get another girl. She’s ours for now.”

With that, you walk forward and the man on the left steps in front of Rachel to block access to her. “Nah-uh,” the man says. You look down on him and, before he can do anything, bring your knee up hard into his nuts. As he bends forward you grab his head and slam it on the nearest chair several times. When you drop him you’re pretty sure the guy won’t get back up on his own.

You advance towards the next guy who tries to swing his knee into your nuts. You catch the knee and throw him onto the floor with it. You then proceed to slam his head into the floor several times and then stop.

You walk over to your girlfriend who is staring at you with shock and amazement. “I thought you were going to let them have me!” she says.

You proceed to kiss her deeply. “Now why would I do that?” you ask.