Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“W-w-w-w-o-o-o-ooowww,” Rachel exclaims slowly. Her mouth literally hangs open for a few seconds. “Omigosh that was … awesome,” she says, turning to face you.

“Oh, you liked that one? Best?”

“That was amazing. I mean wow, That’s sexy.”

“We’ll end the night on that one, okay?” You turn off the TV.

Looking at your full-on erection and giving it a little pat on the head with her finger, she says, “it looks like you liked it too.”

“I have to admit, that was super hot.”

“The best yet by far, wow. I wasn’t actually thinking there would be any like that. That one even turned a girl on!” She straddles you.

“Turned on, huh?

“Very much so.” She kisses you. You kiss back, arms around her bare back, caressing as your tongues collide. You sink all the way back on the couch, your head back, eyes closed, arms straight out beside you. She kisses and licks your neck while rubbing her pussy on your stiff boner. Sliding down a bit, she kisses down your chest to a nipple and swirls her tongue around it.

“Woooo,” you clench and squirm. Rachel continues attacking your nipple while you move around, but you like it and hope she doesn’t stop. She doesn’t, at least for a while, licking and then sucking at one nipple then the other, kind of hard, kind of kinky, and actually starts biting playfully. You are aware that one of her tits is rubbing against your dick, and you think she’s doing it on purpose. While she goes at your nipples with her lips and tongue and teeth, making playful growling sounds while biting gently, you start to go at hers with your fingers. You pinch and pull on them, gently at first, then a little harder, but you don’t want to be too rough. Her vigorous licking and sucking stops, and now she’s just biting softly, nibbling really.

When her biting and nibbling slows, you tell her, “scoot down.” She does, and you push her titties together with your dick in between them, wiggling them up and down. She’s able to hold them still together with her fingers pressing your dick between them. You start pushing up, and a few awkward thrusts later, you are actually fucking her tits. “Yeah,” she says, sticking her tongue out to try to touch it to the tip of your cock, and succeeds after a few tries. A little more practice, and her lips close around your dick head with each upward thrust.

“That is so hot,” you tell her, your dick sliding up between her titties while the tip pokes into her mouth. She makes little slurping sounds and is able to keep it up for a while. She then grabs your dick and rubs one of her tits with it, the head directly on the nipple. Rachel teases you like this for a bit, alternating between rubbing and slapping her stiff nipple with your cock. She nestles down a little lower onto the floor and takes a big mouthful of your dick, sucking on it tightly. She keeps sucking, not letting her mouth off it, taking her hands away, using only her mouth while she locks eyes with you. Her head is bobbing slowly and not very far down, only taking about half of you, but it is really tight as she is sucking quite hard.

Finally her head pops off and she catches her breath. “Wowwww,” you tell her as her cheek cuddles against your wet boner. “That is awesome, that’s so hot.”

Your girlfriend smiles big. “Thank you, dear.”

“No, thank you!

“I have to warn you. This isn’t going to be completely porno style. That’s about all I can do. You’re not going to get a deep throat. Sorry to disappoint.”

“I’m definitely not disappointed. Your mouth feels amazing.”

“I’d have to work up to getting it deeper.”

“I wouldn’t push you, but if you’d like to try sometime, I won’t stop you either.”

Rachel smiles at you and kisses the tip. “I’m not saying no.” She licks and sucks gently, just the head. “And no finishing in my mouth yet. Or on my face.”

You enjoy the continued sucking, then what she just said sinks in. “Yet? You mean you might sometime?”

She keeps her mouth on you while she smiles and giggles. Then she shrugs her shoulders, and her mouth comes off your pecker with a ‘pop’. “I’m not saying no,” she says, climbing up and standing on the couch over you. “Now do me.” She pushes her hips forward, bracing herself with her hands on the back of the couch, and plants her cunt right on your face.