Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by lonelyguy...)

“Ooh, a police woman! That’s hot,” Rachel chuckles. “But how about something a bit more realistic. I’m not quite sure a police woman is the safest bet!”

“Hmm.” Suddenly a girl pops into your head, but you doubt Rachel would approve. But she seems to be in a particularly dirty mood, so you try your luck.

“Hey, what about Taylor?” you ask, trying your best not to sound too eager. The young girl has recently started working for you as a dog sitter a few weeks ago. You always try to get a good look at her when she’s around, and you’ve definitely thought of her while fucking Rachel — but you’d rather she didn’t know that.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” she replies coyly. Your cheeks go a little red and she laughs. “Oh, I’m sorry! Was it supposed to be a secret that you want to bang her? It’s pretty obvious really, Ross. I’m pretty sure she’s noticed too,” Rachel winks at you, and laughs again.

You turn away, a little embarrassed, when Rachel grabs your dick. “Actually, I don’t blame you,” she says, toying with your penis. “Hell, I’d fuck her.” You turn to Rachel, eyes widened. You didn’t realize your girlfriend could be so open.

She looks at you and smiles. “Let’s do it then! I’ll text her and ask her to sit for us over the weekend! That should give you a little time to think about how you’re going to seduce her!” Rachel leans in and kisses you, and to show your appreciation for her, you eat her out every night up until Saturday.

Friday night finally comes, and you’re prepared. You’ve restocked the alcohol in the kitchen, just in case. Rachel has helped you freshen up, and you’ve come up with an excuse for why you’re still at the house. Rachel had told Taylor that the two of you would be out of town for the weekend. Little does she know, neither of you will be leaving home tonight!

As the clock approaches 6pm, you hear the sound of Taylor’s car pulling up into the driveway. Rachel gives you a kiss, and wishes you luck, before she hides in the living room closet, hoping to get a good view. Just in case that doesn’t work, there are several cameras hidden throughout the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. You situate yourself on the couch, a glass of wine and the rest of the bottle, sitting on the coffee table. Rex, your dog, is lying down in the kitchen by his food bowl.

As Taylor’s keys start to enter the door, Rex barks, and goes to greet her. Taylor, gently opens the door, and closes it, greeting Rex, and patting him on the head. She looks up and sees you, an inquisitive look on her face. You’d been making a point of looking pouty, but you smile at her when you see her. She’s looking as fuckable as ever. Her long blonde hair is straightened, and her makeup enhances her light complexion. She has on a grey sweater and black tights that form perfectly to her nice ass. Perfect.

“Uhh, Hi Ross,” she says, closing the door behind her. “I’m not early am I? Rachel said I could stop by around six.” Your face drops when she says Rachel’s name. Taylor suspects that something is wrong, and moves to your side. “Is everything okay, Ross?” she asks, with care in her voice. She sits next to you on the couch, closely. You look up into her beautiful blue eyes, faking sadness.

You look away, and grab the glass of wine, drinking some. Taylor’s eyes watch your lips closely, with a hint of longing. You set down the glass and sigh. “Rachel and I had a fight. She decided to head out for the weekend alone, and left me here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry dear!” exclaims Taylor, putting a hand on your shoulder. “Do you want to talk about it? It’s okay if you don’t.”

Taylor looks into your eyes again, and you put your hand on hers. Her eyes widen a little, but she doesn’t pull away. You lean in a little, and Taylor’s eyes drop to your lips. She can smell the alcohol on you. Her eyes return to yours as you lean in a little more — and a little more. Your lips are separated by only a slight distance. Taylor’s breathing is a little ragged, and her eyes are still wide, but she doesn’t pull back. You take this as your okay, and you kiss her.

Taylor’s eyes widen even more before closing. You push your tongue into her mouth, and she reciprocates, her young tongue moving around yours. A kiss of passion. You put your hand on her thigh, and she breaks the kiss, opening her eyes. Now what?