Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You massage Monica’s tit with one hand and her butt with the other, trying to be rough but not hurt her. You bend your knees and kiss both tits and lick a nipple, flicking your tongue up and down over it a few times, Standing up, your dick is now pointed down, the head lodged between her legs. You look down as you slide back and forth; her damp pubic hair feels coarse on the sensitive top of your dick head. She lifts a leg, which you grab, and throws her arms around your neck, pushing her tits into your chest.

You go for it, using your hand to push your cock upwards, probing to find her hole with the tip. After a couple tries, you think you have it because you feel the familiar yet novel wet warmth surround the head of your penis. Besides, she lets out a noise into your ear, a half-moan, half-sigh. Pushing up more, you think you feel her come open to accept you a little further, but you’re not sure because everything is warm and wet down there and everything feels good. You bend your knees slightly so that your boner points straight up, When you stand back up straight, she gasps and tightens her grip around your neck and shoulders as your stiff penis penetrates her fully and lodges all the way up inside her vagina, lifting her other foot off the floor.

Her legs wrapped around you now, her back still pinned against the wall, you stand there moving your hips back and forth while she clenches and grinds into you, squishing her warm wet pussy all over your shaft. “Oh, yes, Monica, you feel so good,” you say softly into her neck. You would love to make out with those lovely titties, but you can’t pull back and need to hold her tightly to keep her up against the wall, so you decide to just enjoy the feeling of being inside her for a while. “Oh, that’s amazing, wow,” she calls out loudly, making you wonder why you whispered a moment ago.

So you make it a point to lose your inhibitions a little more: “I couldn’t wait — I had to just do you,” you say in a normal voice. “I just had to feel myself inside you.”

It’s kind of hard to fuck her, as standing up is an awkward position, and she’s kind of heavy. Not that she’s ‘heavy’ — she’s in really nice shape — but holding another adult person up in front of you is just not as easy as it may look in the movies. But still, you are able to keep her up and keep your dick up inside her, giving her cunt a nice steady fucking for some time. You get the sense that she’s trying to ride you, so you back her off the wall just slightly so that she’s still against it, just not pinned to it. She seems to respond by bouncing up and down on your cock more. You stand there enjoying the feeling of your delightful new lover’s vaginal canal massaging all up and down your hard cock. You let her keep it going for a bit before you really have to let her down.