Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Sighing as her feet touch the floor, Monica extends her arms over her head and leans back into the wall, eyes closed. The two of you are breathing hard, her chest expanding and contracting quickly, firm breasts with very pointy nipples rising and falling seductively.

“Woooo,” you exclaim. “That’s good stuff!”

“Yeah,” she pants. “And here’s some more good stuff.” She turns around, hands planted on the wall, ass pushed back against you. You put your cock back between her legs, pointing down, feeling the warm wet labia glide over the top of your shaft as you push it back and forth. She reaches down and feels the tip, massaging the underside momentarily before grabbing it. She tries to push it inside, so you adjust your stance to help her out, holding and squeezing her hips. When you feel her begin to slide up and down on you again, you take your hands off her and just stand there still, letting her fuck you, watching as her cunt pushes back to swallow your dick over and over again.

You begin to fuck her after a minute, and the pleasure is driving you wild. You can’t help it — you give her ass a firm smack.

“Oww,” Monica cries out, surprised.

Whoa, that was harder than you expected. “Sorry,” you say as you slow down.

“That wasn’t a bad ‘ow’. Just surprised.” She turns her head toward you, wiggling more than fucking, but still engulfing you. “That was a good ‘ow.’”

You smack Monica’s ass cheek again. She lets out another “ow” and faces the wall again. You push deeply over and over, smacking her ass cheek again, and then grab her hips to help pull her back onto you. After fucking her from behind hard like this for a minute, and smacking her ass a few more times, you bend forward and wrap your hands around her tits. “Uuuuhhhhhh,” she sighs sharply, “ohhh that’s good.”

You lick the back of her neck a few times, getting some hair in your mouth and having to spit it out. Putting your tongue in her ear, you get more hair. You don’t want to take your hands off her tits, so you try to deal with it as you continue to pump her. You notice she has only one hand on the wall now, and feel the other nudge against your cock as she’s fingering herself for some extra stimulation. You have to get the hair out of your mouth, so you stop pumping her and stand up straight to use your hands to pull it out.

She pulls off of you — a disappointment because you wanted to keep going. But then she pulls the door mat closer and kneels on it, bending over so that she’s on all fours, facing away from you. As she looks back as if to invite you in, you notice for the first time that this entry area is a marble floor, so she has done well to grab the only soft thing around. You get on your knees on the mat behind her and decide to finger her before going back in. You insert your middle finger and probe deeply while she moans and rubs herself to help you out. You watch her masturbate while you pull her labia apart with your thumbs, exposing her beautiful pink insides. “OOooohhhh,” she moans. She inserts two fingers a few times, but is mostly squishing her clitoris.

Ordinarily, you would want to stick your dick back in, but right now you can’t take your eyes off Monica’s spread open twat and what’s going on inside it. “Wow, that is so hot — I can see right up inside you!”

A few “uuuhhh” noises come out of her mouth between heavy breaths. Her ass is still up in the air, but her shoulders are on the cold hard floor, which can’t be comfortable, but she doesn’t seem to care. Higher pitched “aaaahhh” sounds accompany her increased hip movements. You put your fingers back in since she’s just attending to her clitoris, and reach around to find a nipple, pinching it firmly. “I’m going to cum,” she breathes heavily, “ohhhh.” That’s what you were hoping for.

“Tell me when you’re cumming,” you tell her out loud. “I want to make you cum.”

All those fingers in there finally accomplish their goal. “Uuuh, there it is, oh fuck yes,” she cries. You pull your hand away from her tit and position yourself behind her quickly as she continues, “YESSSSSS I’m cumming!” You insert your dick almost all the way and keep it there while she brings herself off. You feel her vaginal muscles clench around you while she cries out. You smack her ass a few times while her body trembles with orgasm.

While Monica relaxes and settles down, you pick up the pace, pushing in long and slow at first but then with faster and shorter strokes. As you grunt and start grabbing more erratically, she senses what’s about to happen. Now back on all fours, she looks back. “Tell me before you cum,” she tells you. “I want to see it.” You fuck her as long as you can, which may be ten more seconds, before you can’t hold it back any longer. With a couple more giant thrusts forward, you announce, “Ohhhhh yes I’m gonna cum… here is is, uuuhhh…”

You don’t have to pull out because she lunges forward, coming off you. You are about to grab your dick, but her hand beats you to it, grabbing it as she turns onto her side. She shakes it slightly but quickly as it erupts, spraying your semen everywhere. You let out three long “uuuhhh” sounds as some lands on her hip and stomach… and the floor. Then Monica starts to giggle and rolls the rest of the way onto her back, lying perpendicular to you, not letting go of your spurting cock. More of your cum hits her chest and even her thighs as she wiggles your dick in the air. And plenty flies over her altogether, splattering on the marble floor. Her giggles give way to laughing out loud.

When the spurting subsides, she strokes it, your slick fluid making her hand glide easily up and down. “Wooooo!” she exclaims. When she’s satisfied that she’s drained you completely, she lets go and you lie down beside her on your side.

“Oh, fuck,” she says. “It went everywhere.”

“Yeah it did,” you say. “I’m blaming you.”

“Guilty,” she admits.

You lie there for a minute, watching Monica’s titties rise and fall with her heavy breathing, pubic hair glistening from a mixture of her own wetness and yours. The floor is cold and hard, and you’re surprised that she’s tolerating it. Finally she speaks up. “So, now that we’re here… how about a tour of the house?”