Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You end up in the kitchen, and Connie is in there to greet you. “What do you think?” Awesome, of course, everyone agrees. You chat about whatever for a couple minutes, but your mind is wandering… should you try to initiate something, or wait to see if Rachel will give some sort of hint? You wander out of the kitchen through a living or entertainment area and toward the back door — it looks like two doors, one on either side of a dramatic fireplace, lead to a backyard patio. Rachel strolls in, followed by her realtor friend.

“Oh, you have to check out the back yard,” Connie says. “It’s-” and then sings the word “amazing.” You open the door for Rachel and follow her outside. Connie needs to put away and gather some things from a previous showing, so you and your girlfriend are alone outside.

It is amazing out in the back — a patio built for entertaining with outdoor kitchen and bar, some of it covered, complete with chairs and a couple of futon-type furniture pieces, and even a fire pit. The land beyond the patio is half yard and half garden, you guess a half acre total. Beyond the fence is just a wooded area, so, no neighborrs. After strolling around and telling each other what you like about it, and sharing a few kisses and caresses, your think it’s time to head inside.

Approaching the door, Rachel turns to you. “Alright Ross, I have something crazy to ask you.” She actually seems kind of nervous.

You hold her hands and look into her eyes. “There are no crazy questions.” She laughs. “Okay, go ahead.” You anticipate her question with a mixture of nervousness and excitement.