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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“Would you like to have sex…” Rachel pauses, looking down and grabbing your hand, “with Connie?”

“Wha--? Um, I don’t know.” You stand there, mouth open, shocked, caught totally off guard and can’t think of how to answer. You were hoping that this evening’s adventure would take a sexual turn, first expecting it to be later tonight, then wondering if it might be here and now. But this? This you weren’t expecting. “I… you’re asking me if I think she’s hot? You’ve asked me about other women jokingly … but they’re ‘over there’, and we don’t know them-”

“I’m not asking you if you think she’s hot,” Rachel looks into your eyes. “I’m asking you if you would like to fuck her. Tell me, and be honest.”

“Well, I really think she’s pretty, and I could definitely see it, now that you ask.” As best you can, stumbling over your words, you tell Rachel that you truly didn’t even think about it till now. You do think Connie is attractive, but when you met outside and she started showing you around, you thought of her as the real estate lady, nice looking, but just a person showing you a house, who happens to be a woman. Now that you’re open to think about her sexually, yeah, sure, you would totally do her. You don’t think of her as ‘hot’, but sexy, yes. You could see that being around her more now would lead to looking her over closely and getting excited.

Your girlfriend finally shuts you up by putting her arms around you and coming in for a hug. Holding you for a few seconds, she says quietly in a sexy voice right into your ear, “remember my fantasy? An employee, while she’s working? Me watching?”

“Oh, wow,” you say as she releases you. “You’re wanting to do this now? Wow.”

“So, is that a ‘yes’?”

“Yes. Seriously, now that you put it out there for me to think of her that way, absolutely. But, how do we ask her? I mean, do we start saying sexual things and if she gets uncomfortable then back off? Or if she goes with it, push it further to see if she’s interested?”

“No. Just make a move on her.”

“And if she slaps me or pushes me away, then we just take off and apologize and hope it blows over?”

“No. You’re over-analyzing again. This is one time when you should just think with your dick. She’ll go with it.”

“How do you know? I mean, what-”

Rachel cuts you off: “You know what?” You stop talking and she looks at you seductively. “You know what would be super sexy?” She puts her finger on your chest and wiggles it down.


“It would be super sexy if you just trusted me right now.” She smiles. “Do you trust me?”

You almost say, “I guess,” but that wouldn’t be sexy. “Yes, Rachel, I trust you. I’ll just make a move on her.”

“Now that’s sexy!”

“But you have to give me a few minutes. I’m not going to just barge in there and throw her up on the kitchen counter.”

“Of course not.”

“I have to have a few minutes and pick the right time, you know. Besides, we haven’t seen the upstairs yet.”

“Fair enough. No pushing. Just when you’re ready.”

“And I have to have time to ogle her, now that I know I’m allowed to,” you laugh. “I haven’t really, you know, checked her out yet.”

Stepping back inside, you continue your tour. While you’re looking around the entertainment room, Connie hears you and comes in from the kitchen. “Amazing, isn’t it?” You agree, and in your head, say to yourself yeah, so is the back yard. You’re glad you have a verbal filter to prevent that stuff from coming out of your mouth, but you think it all the time. She leans against the wall, standing on one leg with the other crossed over, arms folded while she talks, mostly with Rachel. You remember her standing that way a couple other places earlier, but didn’t think anything of it. Now, you are completely aware of her shapely curves. Her stance accentuates her fairly wide hips — she’s not at all fat, it’s just that her figure is very… not full, but womanly, made more so by the fact that she’s fairly tall, only an inch or two shorter than you. Her dark pants are subtly pinstriped, not just plain gray, low-rise, with wide legs down below. Her shoes are burgundy pumps, the same color as her waist-length jacket, which unfortunately (or temptingly) obscures whatever you would want to examine about her upper body for now.

The three of you move into the master bedroom, or, more accurately, master suite. Connie shows you the huge walk-through closet, and opens the door that goes from here out to the back, on the garden side.

Her face isn’t gorgeous, but pretty, with nothing particularly remarkable except for her expressive eyes — you notice, now that you are looking from fairly close, that they are hazel, not brown. Her hair is what pops about her more than anything, though. You would have described it offhandedly as “short brown” previously, but as you are now intentionally ascribing sexiness to her, a better description would be a dramatic pixie cut — close but intentionally scruffy around the back and sides, with long strands in front of her ears; the top is much longer than you noticed before, a dark chocolate brown with subtle lighter brown highlights, hanging almost into her eyes. In total, she is honestly kind of plain, but very ‘neat’ and professionally well-presented, with the exception of that hair, the one feature that indicates a little hint of naughtiness. Yes, you think out your complete response to Rachel’s question, you would like very much to have sex with her.

She must have caught you staring at her, because she gives a couple quick glances in your direction, the second one lingering a little longer, accompanied by a slight smile while your eyes meet, maybe even lock, for a second. Moving into the master bathroom, she and Rachel chat about the garden tub and fixtures and stuff. But all you can think about right now is standing naked with Connie in the enormous shower with the two rain heads drenching you, your hands holding her womanly hips as she braces herself against the wall while you penetrate her from behind.