Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Your best friend Jamie slowly walks into the room and asks, “So Rachel, what do you need help with?”

“I have a problem with this,” she says, removing her dressing gown to reveal her naked body. “I need this filling and I need a big cock to do the job and Ross said he’s seen yours in the gym and it’s massive. So what do you say? Will you fuck me?”

You are in the next room, transfixed by what is going on as you watch it all on the feed. Suddenly Jamie grabs hold of Rachel and bends her over. He reaches inside of his trousers and pulls out his massive cock.

Already wet from anticipation, Rachel still finds it a struggle to take the first six inches of it, but it’s the final couple of inches that tips her over the edge. Never has she felt so full. As Jamie frantically pumps inside of her fertile womb you begin to worry about the final outcome. Surely he won’t cum inside of her, surely Rachel will stop him. However, it is clear by the way she is forcing his cock further into her cunt there is no way she is going to stop riding him until he explodes inside of her.

After a frantic ten minutes Jamie finally reaches a climax and forces his full length inside of Rachel with cum pulsing out of him again and again. Still recovering with cum oozing out of her used hole, Rachel suddenly turns to Jamie and says, “Quick you had better go as my boyfriend is due back any moment!”

Jamie, bewildered and spent, stands and zips himself up, thanking Rachel as he leaves as quickly as he arrived. Rachel looks at the camera and smiles. “Ross, you better come and lick all of this cum out of me quickly or else I will end up pregnant!”