Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

A couple of months go by and you completely forget you ever talked about this.

Oh, no, sorry, that’s a total lie. You think about it all the time. Your co-workers, her co-workers, women at restaurants and grocery stores, mutual Facebook acquaintances, friends, neighborrs, women in the car next to you in traffic, pretty much wherever you go, are objects of your longing looks. You even joke with Rachel about women you see when you’re together, and she plays along. Every time you see a woman who’s hot or even somewhat attractive, you think about doing her — actually, the fairly-attractive-but-not-so-hot ones turn you on even more, because you think there would actually be a chance with them.

Halloween arrives, and since you did a party over the weekend, you decide to stay home for the evening and hand out candy and chat with neighborrs and stuff. Mostly it’s two, three, maybe five kids at a time just grabbing candy and running off, but sometimes the parents are up closer and you chat and say friendly hellos. You meet a few people you’ve never met from the other streets, and you covertly check out a few of the hot moms. Two are not dressed up at all, as they are just doing their job to escort the kids around, but one of the others is all done up like a princess and another is wearing a leopard-print coat, leggings that really show off her nice body, cat ears, and her face is painted with whiskers. Then Brenda and Carl come by with another couple and all their kids — she’s in kind of a circus-lady outfit, a long tuxedo-like jacket with a ruffled shirt, a bow tie and top hat. You think the tight shorts (are those leather?) and high boots might be on the verge of being inappropriate around kids, or maybe that’s just your dirty mind working. You try to ogle her without being obvious as you work to extend the conversation as long as possible. Rachel teases you by giving you a couple knowing looks and winks.

Once inside, you can tell Rachel is dying to bust out teasing you about Brenda, but to your surprise, even though she gives you looks and know she’s thinking it, she manages not to say anything. After it’s been dark for a while and the flow of trick-or-treaters has stopped, you decide it’s time to wrap it up. You and Rachel turn off the porch light, lock the door, and start putting stuff away for the evening. You both are in his-and-hers pirate-type costumes — yours is loose pants, a flowy shirt, a sash, and a thing tied on your head. Hers is a long wide tan skirt and matching long jacket with ties all down the front, but left open over her vest and billowy blouse. You would have preferred ‘sexy pirate’, but hey, it needed to be appropriate around the neighborrhood kids, and you wouldn’t want the dads to get any dirty ideas. Or the eight year-old boys, for that matter.

You are definitely in the mood for some cosplay sex, and let Rachel know by dropping some sexual innuendos and touching her a lot while you move around the house. You clean up the kitchen and straighten other stuff up. She checks her phone a couple times and texts or posts something, so you decide to open your computer at the kitchen table and check a couple of emails. Facebook is full of kid pictures and drunk semi-adults at their parties. You are kind of surprised that you’re not getting out of your costumes, but you go with it because, just maybe, after everything is done out here, you’ll turn in to bed early for a lengthy playful sexual experience. A few too many emails and social media clicks later, Rachel comes up behind you and rubs your shoulders and kisses your neck. You close your computer and turn your attention to her, pulling on some of her clothes as she stands in front of you. She begins to unbutton your shirt, and you stand up. You slip the jacket off her shoulders and kiss her.

“Yeah, it was kind of hot in that,” she says. “Thanks.”

“No problem, glad to help,” you say. “Any time you are too hot and need something taken off, I’ll be here for you.”

She laughs. “Maybe the skirt?”

“True, this is kind of… a lot.”

She grabs the thing off your head. “And this has to go!”

As you begin to undo the buttons on her skirt, she starts to undo the ones on her vest. Her skirt is hard to push down, but you push harder, and then you realize why — there’s something bulky on underneath it. Finally it pops free and drops to the floor as she casts off her vest, and you are treated to quite a sight. She has instantly transformed from Pirate Lady into Sexy Pirate, dressed in knee-high boots and fishnet stockings, a frilly poofed-out miniskirt with petticoat underneath, and a cinched-up corset with the billowy-sleeved blouse hanging off her shoulders.

“Wwwwoooowww,” you say.

“Ah, better,” she agrees. “Too hot in that stuff.”

You kiss your girlfriend and tell her how hot she looks, but before you get a chance to run your hands all over (and under!) her skirt and stuff, you are interrupted.

“DING DONGGGGGG!” The doorbell!? The fucking worst timing! The two of you look toward the door, and she shrugs her shoulders. “One last one, I guess?” You cuss silently to yourself, or maybe out loud, as you hurriedly button your shirt back up and grab the candy basket. You peek out the window by the door — it’s just one person, an older kid in a mask and long black coat or cape. Rachel has followed you, and sits in a chair in the living area, out of the line of sight of the door.

You flip on the light, unlock the door and swing it open. Before you can step out with the candy basket, the person in front of you says, “treek or treet,” in a strange accent and throws her coat open. She stands before you, completely exposing herself full-frontal, wearing only a mask and boots, holding her coat on her arms out wide, but otherwise totally naked.

Shocked, you just stand there for a few seconds, not knowing what to do. Slam the door shut? Tell her to cover up? Give her some candy and send her away hoping Rachel doesn’t notice? Ask her if something is wrong? Call Rachel over so she can think of something? Look around to see if she has fellow pranksters accompanying her?