Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Your masked trick-or-treater makes up your mind for you, stepping forward and putting her hand on your chest to push you as she steps through the door. You back up, not wanting to be confrontational, but manage to say, “Ummm, hey, what’s — what are you doing?”

She comes inside, giving you a light shove again, not taking her eyes off you as she pushes the door closed behind her. She has a small basket, presumably for candy, which she sets on the floor. As soon as it clicks shut, her coat drops to the floor behind her, and she’s standing naked (almost, except for her boots and mask) in your entryway. “Whoa,” you say, now that she’s in view of where Rachel is sitting. “Who are you?” She begins a slow walk around you, still looking at you. “What are you —- what’s going on?” You set your candy basket on the table in the entryway.

“Call me… Ivana,” she says, in a deep voice, obviously a fake accent.

“Um, Okay, Ivana.” You look at Rachel sitting on the chair. “I don’t know what this is… I … I don’t know her.”

“Eet ees a beauty-ful night, yes?” She says mysteriously, deeply. You guess her accent is supposed to be Russian or Hungarian or something. Obviously fake. You think. Then again, you don’t think you’d know how to determine whether such an accent is real or not. But you assume it’s not.

Something occurs to you. Rachel is still sitting in the chair and hasn’t said anything. Granted, it’s only been a few seconds, but her expression hasn’t changed and she hasn’t moved or talked, but if she were shocked or alarmed, she would have jumped up by now and said or done something.

You have no idea who this is, but your mind is racing trying to figure it out. Your mind runs through friends and other acquaintances, but you don’t know how to discover her identity. Her build is literally all you have to go on, because everything else is obscured. Her voice is either an act, or it’s truly someone you’ve never met. Her face is almost obscured — her mask begins below her cheeks, extends over her ears, fastened somehow apparently behind her neck, and covers her nose. It’s made of a stiff material like plastic, not just cloth, with jagged contours, preventing you from guessing at the shape of her face. She appears to be wearing red contact lenses as you peer deeply into the eye sockets of the mask, which has black and red feathery stuff sticking out of it above her forehead. Her hair (or wig) is very dark but definitely a deep crimson red. Below her mask, you can’t really make out the shape of her chin and jaw, since her cheeks seem to be stuffed with something, and she’s wearing heavy ghoulish makeup and bright white fake teeth with fangs, which you can see when she parts her dark blood-red lips seductively.

She has walked a slow circle around you by now, and you have turned to follow her the whole way. You are facing Rachel’s way again, so as the seductress begins another circle, you examine Rachel for clues. None. She’s just plain sitting there, expressionless, as if she were watching a mildly interesting slow TV show or something. She sure looks sexy in her little pirate outfit, stocking-clad legs crossed in front of her, but she’s not doing anything to indicate being turned on or teasing you or anything.

The other woman touches you lightly on the arms, shoulders, back, and butt, as she walks behind you. She slowly walks in front of you to the other side, then slowly turns and walks the other direction in front of you, giving you plenty of time to examine her, partly trying to figure out who she is, but mostly just enjoying the eroticism of watching your sultry temptress.

Ivana is petite, maybe 5-foot-2, kind of curvy rather than bony, with a figure that’s definitely more womanly than girly, and you guess she’s in her mid-late twenties. Her breasts are full, not high and perky, but more mature looking. Her nipples are bright dark blood red and look like they’re dripping — obviously body paint or makeup of some sort — one part gruesome and two parts sexy hot. She has a beautiful natural full bush of pubic hair, natural except the color: again, dyed a dark crimson red like her hair. Her body isn’t really tight, but fairly slim and toned, not like a teen who has never put weight on, but like a woman who works to keep fit. Her skin is very pale, almost chalky — likely makeup, so there’s no way to determine whether she’s Caucasian, Latina, Asian, or anything else. You are completely baffled. And completely turned on.

After another slow circle about you, Ivana draws close to you, hands on your arms, rubbing lightly against you. She turns and backs into you, rubbing against you some more, almost dancing slowly. You two are facing your girlfriend, and you feel very uncomfortable but very excited, looking over Ivana’s shoulder at her, with her view of you obscured by the naked body of the other woman. Your temptress grabs your hands and folds them in front of her, so you are holding her now with your arms around her middle as she sways. There is no way you can keep your erection down, so you just let it happen, feeling it poke into the small of her back. All the while you are watching Rachel watch you, her posture and demeanor steady, just sitting there and observing.

Your mystery woman turns toward you and looks up at you. “You haf candy for me?” she asks in her sultry accent. “Treek or treet?” Then she licks her tongue at you. You hold her hand and step toward the table, grabbing your candy basket and offering it to her. She selects a soft candy — red, what else? — unwraps it, and holds it up to your lips. “Hold, pleese?” You take it, one end protruding out of your mouth, as she drops the wrapper and makes another licking motion toward you. She reaches up, encircling your neck with her arms, and licks the candy, which you are holding firmly in your teeth. She seems surprised when she grabs at it with her lips and you don’t let go. And you don’t let her go either, having wrapped your arms around her, holding her tightly against you, just knowing that she feels your hardness against her stomach. She seems to like the playfulness, and grabs at the candy again and again, touching her lips to yours. You two kiss a few times wetly with the candy between your lips, and you feel her smile, the first time she breaks character. Finally you release it and she draws it into her mouth and begins to suck on it.

Rachel finally moves. Without saying a word, she gets out of her chair, picks up Ivana’s candy basket, and slowly walks past the two of you, looking into your eyes, starting down the hallway, while the other woman plants wet tongue kisses on your neck. Rachel stops and turns around to face you again, and Ivana steps in front of you, between you and your wife, facing her, arms out wide as if to cover you with her naked body. Rachel beckons a few times with her finger. You nudge Ivana toward her, and Rachel turns to lead you down the hallway toward the back of the house.