Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Rachel makes a turn before the master bedroom, going into the guest bedroom instead. You and Ivana follow her in, and instead of flipping the switch to turn on the overhead light, she turns on the lamp on the dresser. Click, click, click — it’s a 3-way bulb, so she makes sure it’s on the lowest setting for the right mood. Then she sets the candy basket on the dresser and sits in the chair — there wasn’t a chair in here before tonight — crossing her legs sexily. You thought this may be heading toward a threesome, but now you realize she just wants to watch. Is this the fantasy she told you about?

Ivana unbuttons your shirt slowly, kissing your chest. As it drops to the floor, she wraps her arms around you and presses her breasts into you, scratching your back lightly with her fingernails. You tilt her head back and kiss her lightly and wetly on the lips. She kisses back, sucking on your bottom lip and even nibbling it with her fangs. You separate, and she scratches down your chest with her fingernails, which you notice are very long and likely fake, not surprisingly a dark crimson red, except for one black one on each hand.

“One more candy?” she asks. “Treek orr treet?” She selects another piece of candy out of her basket, unwraps it, and presents it to your mouth. “Hold pleese.” She scratches your chest with her fingernails again, then slowly turns around twice, arms above her head, giving you a titillating view of her nakedness. She sways back and forth in her boots, shiny black high heels that fit closely to her calves and are tied in the back just below her knees. Returning to you after her little sexy dance, she puts her arms around your neck for another kiss, sucking the candy out of your mouth. She scratches lower across your stomach, and yes, is going for your pants. Your erection, completely full and throbbing by now, is pushing your pants out very noticeably, and she runs her fingernails over it before putting a hand behind your leg, coaxing you to lift it. You do, and she sets your foot on the bed, untying the shoe and removing it along with the sock. Then she repeats with the other foot.

After walking another slow circle around you, brushing against you the whole way because of the tight space, her fingers find your erect penis again and she begins untying your pants. Dropping them to the floor, you step out of them while she tightly grabs your boner through your boxers. She pushes down on the waistband instead of reaching inside, so as your boxers come down over your hips, your dick is forced down uncomfortably. Another push, and it pops free and stands at attention, pointed straight up as her while your boxers drop to your feet. Stepping out of your clothes, you are now naked for the two women to see, and suddenly feel very vulnerable. Ivana circles you again, then switches directions and circles you again, with plenty of touching and scratching all over you, harder this time, front to back, from your thighs to your neck. She even gives your arms and shoulders a few bites.

She pushes against you, moving you toward the bed, which is only a step away. You turn to face her with your back against the bed, running your fingers up and down her butt, back, sides, and hips as you kiss her deeply. Then you run your fingers over her front, over her breasts and down her stomach, making sure to take a few dips into her pubic hair as you go. She is scratching you with her nails again, not so lightly, but not enough to hurt or make marks — well, maybe light ones.

She pushes at you, but you don’t budge. Then she pushes harder, and you decide to let her push you onto the bed. You scoot back so that only your lower legs below the knees are hanging off, and she climbs on top, knees on the bed straddling you. After a few mouth kisses and neck kisses, she drops lower to your chest. Out pops the small remainder of the piece of candy that she’s had in her mouth this whole time, sitting on the middle of your chest surrounded by a little of her red drool. She kisses around it, and teases your nipples, licking and sucking and even biting them. She licks the candy off your chest and returns to your mouth, passing it to you. You’re not sure whether you’re supposed to chew or swallow it, so you just hold it in your mouth.

“More candy?” she asks in her same sexy accent, biting your nipples again. She climbs off you and steps up to her candy basket on the dresser, digging around to find just the right piece. You go ahead and swallow what’s left of yours. You swear she and Rachel are exchanging looks, but don’t know if it’s just looking or some sort of nonverbal communication. When Ivana returns to you, she doesn’t climb up again, but rather stands between your legs and bends over, returning to bite at your nipples while scratching you a little more. Her breasts are dangling against your stiff penis, making it twitch, and you try to squirm aside a little to rub them with it. She kisses down your stomach, kneeling now between your legs, looking straight at your face, peering over your cock, licking her lips and showing her fangs. After running her fingernails along your shaft, she grabs it tightly and points it straight up.

You want to close your eyes and lie back to just enjoy the sensation, but you can’t keep your eyes off her, so you grab a pillow and prop your head up with it. You watch intently as her licking actions approach you, and finally the tip of her wet tongue flicks against your dick head. After a few flicks, there are a few long licks, then kisses. Still holding it up, she runs the bottom of her tongue back and forth across the tip of your dick a few times, then licks and kisses up and down the shaft and head some more. And she begins biting, which surprises you, even though it really shouldn’t by now. She grabs at the head a few times gently with her teeth, and even turns her head sideways to plant her fangs all the way around the shaft. Holding your dick upright by only the tip with her fingers now, she bites around the shaft, harder, but not enough to hurt. You think she’s cracking the hint of a smile, but can’t be sure.

Finally after teasing you for a couple minutes, her lips enclose around your entire dick head, staying there a few seconds while her tongue swirls. She then takes more in, sucking strongly with stroke after stroke, head lowering to engulf half of your cock and slowly squeezing upward. She alternates kissing and sucking and licking and biting for a few minutes. Her head comes off your dick, and she seems to remember the piece of candy she retrieved a few minutes ago. Unwrapping it and dropping the wrapper to the floor, she grabs your dick with one hand at the base and runs the candy around the head and shaft before perching it on top and leaving it there as her tongue provides some more stimulation for your shaft. You realize now in the dim light that it’s not a piece of candy — it’s a bright red condom.

Rolling it down, half with her mouth and half with her fingers, she snugly covers your entire cock with the condom, leaving the requisite floppy pouch at the top. “MMMmm, candy!” She smiles big for the first time. Returning her mouth to your dick, she continues what she was doing before, but more gently and minus the biting, as you guess she is being careful not to risk breaking the latex. As she sucks and licks, you are aware of a fruity scent, together with the color indicating that the condom is cherry flavorred. “Mmmmm…” she purrs between sucks, still with the accent, “… yummy candy!”