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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As you hear the front door close, you stand up slowly, still looking at your girlfriend’s red, swollen, cum-covered cunt on the screen.

You enter the bedroom to find Rachel using one finger to draw Jamie’s cum around and inside her hole.

“I forgot about using a condom,” Rachel giggles, “and now I’m all messy, I need your help!” She opens her legs wider as a big blob of cum starts to ooze down her left leg.

You are so turned on and confused by the sight in front of you, but quickly remove the last of your clothes. Your cock aches to be inside of your girlfriend’s well-used cunt.

Rachel pushes you onto the bed and straddles you, your cock millimeters from penetrating her just as your best friend had done.

“I’ve told you,” Rachel says, “I don’t want to get pregnant so you have a job to do,” as she edges her way up your body until her cunt is directly above your face. You try to object but as your mouth opens Rachel begins to grind her cunt covered pussy into your mouth.

As the mixture of your friend’s cum and your girlfriend’s juices flows, you have no choice but to swallow the musky fluid entering your mouth in waves.

“Eat all of his cum, I need you deeper,” screams Rachel pushing herself fully onto your face and suddenly erupting in an orgasm which pushes out a torrent of liquid as Rachel collapses on top of you.

After a few moments Rachel looks down and sees your raging hard cock. “Time for round two,” she laughs and takes his length in her mouth. “Oh, just to make you aware,” Rachel says, with your cock buried in her mouth, “tomorrow Jamie’s taking my ass, so your services will be required again, and at the weekend I’m having a party for some of your other friends.”

“But your niece is coming to stay this weekend,” is all you can blurt out.

“I know,” replies Rachel with a smile as you erupt, covering your girlfriend’s face with the biggest load of cum you have produced.