Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by wilkb...)

Rachel walks in. “I see you got my message.”

You jump up and turn around at the sound of your girlfriend’s voice. As you try and stammer out a reply, she smirks and looks down at where your hand is wrapped tightly around your hard cock.

“I guess I don’t need to worry about you being mad.” Rachel walks over to you, sexy ass swinging. She presses herself against you and circles her thumb around the head of your cock, smearing it with your pre cum and causing you to moan.

You look into your girlfriend’s beaufiful eyes and whisper, “Who?”

“My boss, John,” she replies. “He caught me looking at your message and rubbed up against me from behind. I could feel how big he was.”

As Rachel grabs hold of your hard little dick she begins pumping it up and down. “I’m sorry Ross, but I was so horny and he felt so good. I had to see it.”

Rachel leans in to kiss you. Although her face is clean, her mouth tastes of cum.

“John was so forceful and his hard cock looked so good. I just couldn’t say no when he told me to get on my knees.”

Rachel is jerking you hard now.

“Before I knew it, John had wrapped his hands in my hair and the big cock was at my lips. I had to suck him. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. He filled my mouth, he fucked his shaft into my throat and used me as his cumdump.”

On hearing that you groan and cum over Rachel’s hand.

“Mmm, you like hearing about your girlfriend, your Rachel, being used as a cumdump?”

You nod yes.

“Good, that makes this a lot easier…”