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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You dive right in, enjoying the feel and scent of your girlfriend’s warm cunt, which seems to be wetter than ever before. Rachel is a little more aggressive than usual, and actually pulls her pussy lips apart with her fingers to give you better access. You reach up and handle her tits while eating her out, squeezing them together and caressing the stiff nipples with your thumbs. She is actually fucking your mouth, rubbing her clitoris up and down on your tongue. Keeping one hand on a tit, you run the fingers of your other hand over the skin of her inner thigh before pushing against her labia. Inserting a finger, then two, you continue to tease her clit with your tongue as you feel up inside her vagina. She moans and crushes her crotch against your face while your mouth and fingers pleasure her deeply.

Removing her pussy from your face after a couple minutes, Rachel slides down your body and settles in your lap. She kisses you on the lips, licking them and sucking them a few times. “Hmmmm I think you taste like… me.”

“You don’t think that’s nasty, knowing where my mouth has just been?”

“A little.” She kisses you more. “Good nasty. Fun nasty. I’m just so turned on I could do some crazy things.”

“Oooo, like what?”

“Oh, I can’t answer that right now. Let me sleep on it.” She looks down at your dick, which is rock solid and poking your from under her, and rubs herself on it. “There is one thing right now though.”


“Not nasty, just fun,” she says, standing up on the couch and turning around so that her ass is right in your face. You are able to kiss her butt cheeks a couple of times before she kneels, straddling you, facing away.

“I want to do it like this. Will you do me backwards?”

“Oh yeah, that’s hot,” you reply. She raises her hips up and grabs your dick, pointing it up, and then settles right down on it, sinking onto you all at once. “Uhhhh, yessss,” you moan. She begins to raise and lower her cunt on you, fucking you steadily while you watch her ass cheeks clench with each thrust. You grab her hips and push upward into her as she moans. When she leans back against you, you wrap your hands around her tits, holding her close. “Mmmm, Rachel, that’s nice. You feel soooo nice.” You feel her hand brush against you cock, and realize that she’s fingering herself as you pump into her.

When you release her tits and move to her shoulders, she hunches over and puts her hands on your knees, grunting and grinding hard against you. You swear you can feel her vagina clench around your cock as it’s buried all the way up inside her. “Oh, fuck,” she cries. “Oooohhh, FUCK!”

“Oh, Rachel, yes, oh, yeah.” You grasp her tits tightly again, thrusting hard up into her.

She must sense that you’re about to cum, because she tells you, “Let it go, Ross, let it go.” She might be fucking even harder now. “Do it inside me.” Another few grunts, then almost a scream as she trembles and her ass cheeks clench tightly. “I want to feel you do it inside me.”

You fuck your girlfriend with jabbing strokes as long as you can hold it, and then just release the tension, holding your dick up inside her cunt while spurt after spurt begins to fill her. “OOoohhhhuuuuu,” you exhale deeply. “UUUUuhhhhhh… wwwwwoooowwww!” You spasm a few times while still holding her tits, face in her shoulder, completely emptying yourself up inside her.

Finally, as you begin to relax, Rachel slips off you and slumps to the floor. “Wooo,” she says, and then puts her hand between her legs. “Ewww, ick.” She lies down on the floor, face up, hand between her legs. “That’s a mess, ewww. I hope none of that got on the couch.” You join her on the floor, and upon inspecting the couch, it seems okay. Her stomach and pubic hair is wet with your semen, as she has apparently gathered whatever leaked out of her and wiped it on herself.

You stand up and pull on her arms, bringing her to her feet as well. After she checks a couple more times between her legs and wipes more on herself, you ask her, “tissue?”

She nods. “Yeah, or twelve.”

“C’mon.” You lead her to the bathroom and grab a couple tissues for her. She wipes herself off and you hand her a couple more. She’s not clean by any stretch, but she’s satisfied enough to walk into the bedroom and climb into the bed. You turn off the lights and join her, cuddling close.

“Woooo, I’m s-l-e-e-p-y,” she says. “Thank you for a terrific night.”

“Oh, you’re welcome, and thank you.”

You drift off to sleep, naked in each other’s arms, with you hoping that the doorway has just opened to a new world of sexual adventures.

The End