Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

It’s a file to download. You wait in anticipation for the progress bar to fill up and then open up the first pic. It’s Rachel, standing in front of the office restroom mirror with her blouse unbuttoned to her navel.

Swipe. She has both breasts out and playing with a nipple with her free hand.

Swipe. Rachel’s hand has slipped down into her skirt.

You swipe through some more mirror pics until you get to one from under her office desk. Your girlfriend has her skirt bunched up and her hand inside her tight lacy black thong.

Swipe. She’s pulling down those sexy undies around her knees and then the next is of her spreading her pussy wide with both hands. There’s a few more under the desk masturbating ones and you join her under your desk with a hand down your pants, wacking off.

Swipe. The next is of Rachel standing with one leg up on her desk showing off her ass and pussy, taken from across the room.

“Who the hell did she get to take these?”

Swipe. The next few pictures have her mounting her office desk showing off her tits, ass and pussy. Then your girlfriend gets out her dildo (she must have taken from her nightstand this morning) and begins licking, sucking, and then fucking it.

The pictures are so sexy and your hard on is ready to blow but one thing is on your mind. “Who took those for you?” you text.