Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You could never get enough of this, but your dick is wanting attention and you imagine that the surface teasing of Ivana’s pussy is getting her to want you inside of her, so you climb up on the bed between her legs. You are kneeling with her crotch up close and boots draped over your thighs. She grabs your condom-wrapped pecker, which surprisingly is no longer a full erection, and scoots up so that she can touch her pussy with it. Licking a finger, she rubs the tip and plays with the bubble at the end. Your penis responds by twitching and growing larger. After another finger-wetting and rubbing, she begins to place the tip of your almost-fully-erect dick inside of her. Once her labia are parted to accept the head, which you can clearly see in explicit detail even in the dim light, you plunge forward to fill her fully. She moans sharply, but you come up short (because of your position, not resistance), having to re-adjust and try again, thrusting several times before you are satisfied with how far inside you are. You fuck her with quick strokes for a minute, only going about halfway in, holding her boots so that her legs stay spread out wide. The sight of her spread open twat getting poked by the end of your dick is almost as pleasurable as the feeling.

Pulling on your arms, Ivana tells you, “more inside, put it more inside.” You lean over her, extending one leg out behind you, and plunge all the way inside, completely filling her as she cries out, “uuuhhh!” She wraps her legs and arms around you and grinds into you, fucking you hard and grunting noisily. You are cocked a little sideways, resting on one elbow, so you use the other hand to grab her tits as you start to bite at her neck and shoulder. Dropping your hand to her thigh to scratch at it, you lower your head to her tit. It’s difficult because of the angle and the bouncing, but you are able to suck a cinnamon-cherry flavorred nipple into your mouth, sucking and biting it. “Yes, bite,” Ivana moans, “yes, bite!” You ram her forcefully, giving her a good hard fucking while vigorously sucking and nibbling all around her tit. Her grunting reaches a crescendo and she clenches around you momentarily before releasing. You wonder if that was an orgasm. You wonder if that was another orgasm.

You almost start to cramp from the awkward position, so you return to your knees, still probing your dick deeply inside of her while gazing at her body from above. One of her titties has nothing left on it, and the other one is kind of a mess, the substance having oozed mostly off, spread and dripping away from her nipple. Fucking her more slowly, you grab a boot with one hand, wetting the fingers of you other hand as you smear the sticky stuff around her tit. You are aware of Rachel’s presence again, and turn your head toward her. Locking eyes with her, you notice a faint smile, and she seems tense like she’s holding it back. Still dressed and motionless, she is just taking in the pleasure of watching the hot sex being played out in person before her. The dirty excitement of her watching you fuck another woman, especially like this, drives you wild, and you start to thrust harder. You look down at Ivana, and she raises up on her elbows, probably looking into your eyes but you can’t tell because of the mask. Her titties are bouncing up and down and out wide while she moans loudly, inviting you to grab them. So you do, holding on as you plow into her steadily. She pushes your hands together with hers, holding her tits together. “You vant to fuck here?” she ask you. “Vant to fuck teets?”

That would be awesome! So, you pull out of her and straddle her chest. She closes her breasts around your dick as you slide it up and down. Grabbing and pinching one nipple with the fingers of one hand, you reach behind you and finger-open her twat with your other. Feeling the coarse pubic hair with your palm contrasted with the slick wet inner flesh with your fingers, coupled with her scratching at you with her fingernails, drives you wild, and you feel like you’re going to explode. Ivana grabs at your dick while it fucks her titties, working the condom off and tossing it aside. She must want you to cum, as this means that she apparently doesn’t expect you back inside. She confirms: “you vill feenish?” She smiles, showing her fangs. “You feenish here?” So you just let it go, pushing your now-naked dick up in between her tits with a few long steady strokes until you feel the release. Her tits and hands are pretty much clamped around your cock, so it doesn’t spray everywhere, but it would if it was set free.

“Uuuhhhnnnnnhhh!” you exclaim, taking your hand away from her pussy and planting both hands on the bed, one on either side of her, as your cum shoots forth. “UUuuhhhhmmmmmm,” again, as your shuddering orgasm produces a flood of semen in several spurts, directly onto her neck and underside of her chin. She holds her tits together with your dick in between, watching you slowly push it up and down as you empty yourself onto her chin and neck and chest. Because she’s propped up on her elbows, your cum shot up onto her and is now draining down, flowing from her neck in between her breasts and surely running down her stomach underneath you.

You climb off her, and, as you’re collapsing beside her, see Rachel, still just sitting there with much the same expression, though you sense that she’s trying hard to hold back a smile or laugh. You lie there against Ivana as your breathing slows, caressing her thigh and the damp patch of hair between her legs, triggering her to handle your softening pecker. You bite her shoulder since it’s right by your face, and she almost giggles. You bite again and again to see if she will lose it, but she holds it together and scratches at you. “Ooo, bite after the sex?” she asks. “Thees ees, how you say, cuddle?” You actually do just lie there and feel each other for quite some time, while you replay in your mind what just happened, hardly able to believe it.