Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You and Connie kiss each other for a minute, and her leaning into you turns into almost lying on top of you — she swings a leg over, and you can put your arms all the way around her back. While she caresses your arm and shoulder and hair, your hands glide over the smoothness of her ass, grabbing gently. You then pull her completely on to you so that she’s straddling you, and run your fingers through her hair with one hand, the other still on her ass, while you share deep tongue kisses. You then gently brush one of her breasts with the back of your hand, and she smiles at the touch. After some firmer touches, including some with your fingers, you begin to undo the buttons of her blouse, untucking it from her pants. She untucks and unbuttons your shirt, too, rather quickly.

She sits up on you and pulls on your arms to get you to sit up too, then pushes your shirt off you completely and lays it next to you. She eyes you and runs her hands over your chest and neck as you admire her upper body. Her jacket and blouse were definitely hiding what is a pretty nice figure — her tummy is pretty flat, and she’s almost skinny up top, with not really any muscle tone but nothing fatty either, Her breasts don’t seem big at all, covered (not for long, you hope!) by a pretty burgundy lace bra — burgundy like her jacket and shoes. “Oh, don’t you look all… matchy?” You pick up her jacket and hold it up to her.

“Hey, what can I say? I like this color.”

“Me too,” you say, and run your hands over her bra, feeling her breasts and playing with the straps while you lean in to kiss her lips. Because she’s so tall, you are looking up at her while you do, and if you look straight ahead, which you do, you are able to plant kisses on her chest and shoulders. As she runs her fingers over your neck and back, you fiddle around at the back of her bra to find the clasp. After a couple of tries, the hooks come free, and you lean back, bringing it off her shoulders with you. Her titties bounce free in front of you as she smiles and lets out a giggle. They are small and seemingly very low on her chest, set wide apart with stunning very dark and very erect nipples pointing noticeably outward. She again puts her arms around your neck, and when she leans in and down for some more kisses, you feel her titties, very soft to the touch except for the stiff nipples.

Connie climbs off of you and stands up beside the futon, grabbing your legs and pulling on them. You help her adjust by lying flat with your legs out, and she pulls off your shoes and socks, smiling down at you. Then she hovers over you, pointy tits hanging down, while she runs a hand over your crotch to feel your dick, which is half boner by now. She undoes your pants after groping for a minute, saying, “Let’s get these off of you!” You raise yourself up so that they slide off when she tugs on the legs, and soon you are naked in front of her except for your boxers, which now have a bit more than a bulge in them, your stiffening dick poking them into a large peak.

“Looks like someone’s excited,” she notices.

“Um, yeah, you could say that.”

“I get it.” She stands up straight and holds her stiff perky nipples. “The girls are excited, too!” She lets them go and holds her hands to the outside of her thighs, swaying for a few seconds as her breasts swing slightly. She looks almost cartoonish, like a hentai drawing of a figure with exaggerated features: wide hips and pants, long legs, narrow upper body, skinny low boobs with pointy nipples, and forward-reaching pixie hair — almost like a few mismatched pieces put together into an interesting exotic package that is really working as a turn-on.

You sit up and bring her close, hands around her butt, kissing her stomach. You reach up with your mouth and kiss the undersides of her breasts, but when you go for a nipple, she clenches and backs away. “Ooooo, it tickles,” she says, laughing. You don’t know if she’s teasing or really that sensitive, but you sure do have a great view of her jiggling tits right above your face, and her ass feels nice, so you just kiss and fondle even more. She twitches as you run your hands down her stomach and over the front of her pants, looking up, alternately focusing on her nipples, eyes, and hair.

You grab at Connie’s pants to unbutton them, but she moves your hands away. “Not yet,” she teases, and then turns halfway around so that her ass is right in front of your face, swaying like she’s dancing slowly. You squeeze her firm butt cheeks and run your hands over her hips and the skin of her bare back for a minute till she turns back around. Again you go to unbutton her pants, but again she moves your hand away. She then pushes hard against your shoulders — falling back, you quickly catch yourself with your elbows as she giggles. “Lie back,” she instructs you, pushing into your chest. You do what she asks, head still up enough to look at her. She leans over and grabs at the waistband of your boxers, lifting them over your erection and pulling them down. “Wooooo,” she says excitedly, pulling them down as you lift your hips up. She gets them all the way off, and now your are completely naked, with this topless exciting woman smiling down at you. “Very niiiiice.”

After caressing your thighs and chest, but staying away from your penis, Connie pulls you upright again, holding you close. You kiss her stomach and tits again, this time able to get to her nipples without her pulling away, You decide to go for her pants again, and this time, are able to unbutton and unzip them. As you push them down and they drop around her feet, you admire what’s underneath: super sexy boyshort-cut panties which cover her ass cheeks and hips, very pretty burgundy lace that matches the bra that was cast aside a few minutes ago. After pulling at the edges of the material for a bit while kissing her front some more, you peel the panties off her. Dragging the waistband down to her knees, you are greeted with centerpiece of her nakedness. Though you can’t see her labia nestled in the bush between her closed legs, you really enjoy the sight of her pubic hair, a dense narrow growth climbing upward, becoming more sparse as it fans out away from the center. She steps out of the pile of clothing and pushes it aside with her feet, standing with her legs open slightly as your run your fingertips through the hairy patch, which is actually quite soft.

“Wwwwooowww…” you say.

“Whaaaaaat?” she asks.

“Just, wow. This is… so nice.” You pull her close as the two of you run your hands over each other’s naked skin.

“We need to do something with… all of this.” she says, picking up her pants and panties. She places your shoes and hers next to each other against the wall, grabs all of the rest of the clothing, and walks the armful over to the table where your girlfriend is. Her long legs and naked butt are pretty damn sexy. You and Rachel give each other approving nods.