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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You stand up and grab Monica’s hands. With your help, she rises to her feet, but just stands there steadying herself for a few seconds. “Whoa,” she says, “Give me a sec. I’m a little… wobbly!”

“Oh, did I do that?”

“Well, I’m blaming you!”

“Gotta admit, I was surprised you stayed on the floor so long. Not so comfortable down there.”

“But oh so worth it.” She starts to lead you toward the back of the house.

“Awww, you’re too kind.”

“Seriously, Ross,” she stops and looks at you. “That was… amazing. That was an incredible fuck.”

“That was really hot. Thanks for playing!”

You arrive at the kitchen. Monica holds her arms out in a “look at this” pose and says in a serious voice, “so, this is the kitchen.” But it’s hard to take her seriously when she’s standing there naked with messed up hair and cum all over her, so you laugh. “This is where the paper towels are kept, in case you need to clean up any spills!” She grabs some and wets them, heading toward the front door.

“Clean up on aisle one!” you call out, following after her.

“You have to help too — it’s your… mess.” She hands you some paper towels and kneels on the floor, wiping up blobs and trickles all over the floor. You get a few yourself. “Fuck, how’d that get on the wall?” She giggles. After inspecting, you think you got it all, so you return to your feet. You start to wipe at her with your paper towels, but she pushes you away. “That’s what showers are for.”

“Ohhhh, really?”

“Yep.” She gathers up her clothes and tells you, “grab your stuff, C’mon.” She leads you to the master bedroom, where the two of you lay your clothes on the bed, and you set your bag beside it.

She heads into the bathroom and turns the water on in the huge glass shower. “If I get you all messy, will you come in with me?” she asks, putting her arms around you.

“Sure.” You pull her semen-glazed body into you.

“Seriously, I’m glad you just grabbed me and did me right there in the entry way. I was so horny in the car.” She hugs you close. “One problem, though.”

You hold her back and look at her, mind racing. “Whaaaat?”

“We didn’t get to do it with me on top.”

You smile. “Oh, sorry — where were my manners?”

“I mean, I would have thought for our first time that I would get to ride you, or squat on you so you could see me bounce up and down on you.”

“And here I was trying to give you the impression I was a gentleman. Do you still respect me?”

“I suppose.” Her face brightens up. “We did do doggie, so there’s that!”

“True, and I fingered you.”

“But no tittyfucking either.” Sad face.

You think for a second. “But… you did have an orgasm.”

She laughs. “Yes, so, bonus points for that!”

“So, you didn’t fake it?”

“Oh, hell no — that was a real live orgasm. As I recall, I helped, but you were a big part of it.”

“Hey, I do what I can.”

“And you…?”


“You came too? That was real?”

“Oh yeah… ” you run a finger through the goo on her stomach. “Can’t fake that.”

“Omigosh!” She fakes a horrified look.


“We didn’t do oral either!”

“Wow… we really fucked that up, didn’t we?”

“No shit.”

“I can’t believe, no blowjob, and I didn’t eat you out. What were we thinking? And I didn’t bend you over the couch either.”

“No missionary…” she gives you the sad face again.

“Terrible planning. Maybe we should make a checklist for next time.”

The two of you just start laughing.

“Well, good thing we have the rest of the day,” Monica says. She kisses your lips. “And all night,” she adds, stepping into the shower.

The End