Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

The next time Connie pauses, she waves your dick in the air while she sits back on her heels, stretching her back, titties bouncing side to side. You pull on her arms, and she half-stands, head hovering over your chest.

“That feels amazing,” you tell her, “but…”

“Hmmmm?” she looks at you questioningly.

“I could do this all night, but… I just can’t wait to do you!” You grab her around the waist and pull her toward you, then dump her on her side next to you as she lets out a sharp surprised squeal. Rolling her onto her back, you nestle between her legs. “Ow,” you wince, knees uncomfortably crashing on the wooden deck. You stand up and scoot the cushion to your feet, but before you go down on her, you pause to examine her. You bend over and caress her thighs, then run your hands to her calves and ankles, holding and lifting and pushing them apart to spread her long legs high and wide. Looking down on your naked spread-open lover, you have your first clear view of her inviting pussy, her labia displayed nestled at the bottom of the dense narrow strip of pubic hair. You kneel on the cushion and push her thighs apart more, giving you a close-up view of her glorious treasure. Even though you want to just dive right in, you make yourself tease her first, kissing and licking the inside of her thighs as she “ooo”s and “ahhhh”s.

You look into her eyes while your thumbs push on the labia, which are mostly hairless due to what seems like a neat trimming. Her bush is dense above, though it thins out as it grows outward, but right at her opening it has been seemingly cleared away quite a bit. Fingering her pubic hair, you run your thumbs up and down the slit, lightly at first, then more firmly. She wiggles and makes more noises as you open her up, using your thumbs to pull her pussy lips apart to reveal the very wet glossy pink insides. You alternate between combing her muff, kissing her thighs, fingering her labia, and pulling her open. You use your other fingers to open her pussy wide a few times, giving you a wonderful view of her vaginal opening, urethra, and clitoris. Her hands are alternately fondling her breasts and digging into your hair, and her mouth is exhaling short high-pitched breaths and moans while she lies back with her eyes closed.

Finally, you move your hands away and replace them with your mouth, first planting a firm wet kiss straight onto her pussy lips, making her emit a short loud, “uuuhhh!” Placing the tip of your tongue at the bottom of her slit, you lick all the way up into her pubic hair. You caress her hips and thighs as you lick a few more times, applying more pressure to dig your tongue inside. You then probe and flick your tongue around, still holding it inside. You pause for a moment and reach up toward her tits, just running your hands over her front. She opens her eyes to look at you, and when your eyes meet you plant your mouth on her cunt again. She leans her head back and closes her eyes again, at which point you stop licking and just feel her with your hands again. She opens her eyes again, and your mouth returns to her pussy once more. She senses that you want to retain eye contact while you eat her out, so she smiles at you and opens her legs even wider, locking eyes with you.

You vigorously dig your tongue into her twat, moving your mouth quickly up and down, and she moves her hands down there to hold herself open with her fingers while you lick hard right inside her, your tongue pressuring her clitoris. You grab her tits while she fingers herself open, wagging your head back and forth and trying to work your tongue inside her vagina. All the while she is letting out a series of grunts and moans and squeezing her legs together against your head. Then she releases with her hands and moves them up to help you pinch her nipples, leaving you to lick all up and down the closed-up slit. She calms slightly, and you decide to kiss and lick her inner thighs and up her tummy. After rubbing your face in her soft pubic hair, you want some more pussy, so you lower your face, push open her labia with your fingers, and give her a bunch of sucking French kisses right inside her cunt, causing her to moan again and hold your head and try to actually fuck your face.

You could do this all night, too, but there’s so much more of her to have, so you decide to change things up. Departing from her warm wet furry center, your mouth travels up to her navel as you kiss and lick up her front toward her tits, slowly climbing up as you go. “Ooohh… that’s fantastic!” Connie tells you, running her fingers over your shoulders and scooting back a little so that she’s further up on the futon. You arrive at her tits and spend a little while licking and sucking on those erotic pointy erect nipples. Pushing her breasts together, you kiss and lick between them before climbing up further. You wonder if she’ll be grossed out by your pussy-coated mouth, but she answers that negatively by putting her arms around your neck and eagerly accepting your kisses.

After making out for a minute, you draw your knees up on either side of her so that her crotch is up toward your lap with her legs over your knees, your raging hard penis poised to be inserted into her waiting vagina.