Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

“Hang on a sec,” Connie says, swinging a leg over you and rolling to the side. You watch her ass as she walks over to the table again and picks through her purse. “Ta-da!” she holds up a condom, smiling big at you. “Ultra thin,” she reads, “for ultimate sensitivity, ooooo.”

“Sure, gotta be safe,” you say, flopping your legs over the edge of the futon and sitting on the edge, facing her.

She tears the package open and drops it into her purse. “And,” she adds, walking back to you, flopping the condom at you, “no messes!” She pulls on your arm to get you to stand up, and smiles down at your boner. “Not only that,” she says, placing the condom on the tip of your dick and looking at Rachel, “it’s been a while since I’ve rolled a condom down over a guy’s dick. Don’t know why, but I always thought it was sexy.” She and Rachel giggle at each other as she holds the tip and rolls the latex down all the way to your balls. She pinches the floppy tip and smooths it down over your shaft, looking at Rachel, like she’s showing your girlfriend what she’s doing. Connie pushes on your shoulders as before, and as before you fall backward onto the futon, with her standing over you, one hand pinching a nipple and the other running through her pubic hair. “Now, where were we?”

“Um, I think you were here,” you reply, pointing beside you. “On your back. With your legs open. And me between them.”

“Yeah, let’s do that then!” You get up and she flops down, scooting back to where she was before, opening her legs and rubbing her pussy. You climb in between her legs and sit up on your knees as before, pulling her crotch to yours. You push the base of your penis down so that the tip is pointed right at her opening, and push your hips forward to rub it on her labia. After gliding it up and down a few times, you push forward and watch the tip disappear into the crevice that just opened up. “Oooo,” she purrs, “Mmm-hmmm!” You push deeper and deeper with subsequent slow thrusts, inserting your dick more than halfway in. She looks into your eyes as her hips move toward you. After a minute of probing almost carefully, pulling all the way out and then inserting back in repeatedly, she thrusts against you forcefully, giving you the impression that she wants it deeper. Unable to do so in this position, you push your knees wider and lean over her, almost on top, and let you cock sink deeper as she puts her hands behind you and grabs your ass. You then plunge all the way in, crushing your pelvis against hers, which makes her almost scream out a long “Uuuhh-hh-hhh!” You hold it for a few seconds to enjoy the sensation of completely filling her vagina. “Ohh, yes!” she moans.

Leaning on one elbow, you are able to grab a tit with the other hand, and pull your dick out most of the way and plunge back in all the way again, several times, as she closes her eyes and throws her head back. You have to get some of that pixie hair, so you move your hand up to her head to finger her neckline and pull at the long strand on the side. When you run your fingers through the front, even grabbing a little, she opens her eyes and look at you. “Naughty,” she asks with a little laugh.

“Oh yeah,” you agree, pumping her cunt full of your stiff dick. “So.” Thrust. “Super.” Thrust. “Fucking.” Thrust. “Naughty!” Thrust. “Uh! Uhhh Hhhmmm!” As you continue to fuck her deeply, you become completely aware of your girlfriend watching. You are cocked sideways a bit, toward her, and the fact that Connie’s legs are spread so wide is giving her, you believe, a perfect view of your penis piercing her friend’s twat. You would have thought that fucking another woman in front of your girlfriend would feel dirty, but it doesn’t at all. It’s just exciting, and actually feels very comfortable, like Connie has been a long time partner.

After a couple minutes of fucking while grabbing at her hair and tits, you adjust yourself so that you’re lying down on top of her, no longer being supported by your knees, straight in between her legs. You hold her behind her shoulders and make out with her, tongue kissing deeply, while she wraps her arms and legs around you. You are no longer able to pull out and slide back in, so you just remain buried completely inside and relax for a while as she breathes more deeply grinds against you.