Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You want to treat Connie (okay, and yourself) to something special, so you pull out after a couple minutes and sit up. She grabs at your pecker and flicks it with her fingers. You stand up and tell her “come here,” holding ouy your arms. She stands up, and you grab her hand and lead her to the railing of the deck, right next to Rachel. You turn her toward the view, cuddling up behind her and holding her around her middle. “Since you like the view so much…” you whisper right into her ear.

One of your hands pushes your dick down so that it can poke her between the legs. “Ooo!” Connie exclaims. She bends her upper body forward and scoots her legs back a bit. Cupping her tits, you begin to thrust your hips forward, dry-humping her between her thighs. With a hand on her ass, you feel her fingers on your condom-wrapped dick, grabbing at the head each time it pokes out. After a minute, you back up and grab her hips to pull them toward you. She leans farther forward, pushing her ass out even more, legs still together. With your legs on either side, straddling her, you grab her sexy womanly hips and work your dick up in between her legs. After a few tries, it finds its target, pushing deep inside her vagina as she lets out another “Oooohhhmmmmm!”

You hold her ass and hips as you stuff her from behind, the two of you looking out over the landscape. You go at her for a while, trying to pull out all the way till the tip is just touching and then pulling her hips back to meet your thrust as you jam yourself all the way back in. Your dick pops out and slides up a couple times, but after a minute you are able to keep it going, fucking her hard with steady full pounding strokes. The front of her pixie hair flops around a little, and her dangling pointy-nippled titties flop around a lot.

After getting fucked like this, legs together, for a couple minutes, she parts them and your dick pops out. Now she spreads her legs wide, at least two shoulder-widths apart, and you step in between them, knees bent slightly. You grab your cock and wiggle the wet floppy rubber condom tip up and down on her slit before inserting the head between her labia. Placing your hands on her back, you quickly stand up straight, driving your shaft deep up into her vagina all at once, making her “Uuuuhhhooo!” again. After a few more deep pumps, you take your hands off her and put them behind your back, fucking her so that all she feels is dick, moaning with each thrust. You have to slow down or you’re going to cum, and Connie reaches back to grab your arms and pull you forward onto her. Hunched over her back, you reach around to grab her tits again, fucking slowly for a minute while you pinch her nipples.

She pulls forward off you and turns around. “Wooooww,” she looks into your eyes and smiles. After a couple of kisses and gropes, she moves over to the futon, bringing you with her. “I want to get on top of you,” she says, pulling at your dick. “I want to sit on it.”

You lie down, face up. “I think he’s ready for you!” She climbs on top, straddling you, rubbing her pussy on your shaft with her hands on your chest. Her ass is pointed right at Rachel, and though you can’t see her, you know she can see her friend grab your penis and feed it up into her vagina in graphic detail. Connie rocks back and forth on you, titties swinging above you as her cunt swallows your boner again and again. She stimulates her clitoris with the fingers of one hand as she fucks you a little faster. You lock fingers with her and she thrusts her pelvis back and forth with you completely inside, her pubic hair crushing against yours, obviously trying to continue to stimulate her clitoris. She is really fucking you hard, grunting and quivering as she goes at it. She lets out more sounds, sharp moans and near-squeals, almost panting as she grinds on you. She lets out a longer “uuuhh-hhh--hhuuu… oohhhhooo…” as she partially collapses on you, then slows a little as her breathing steadies.

She lies all the way down on you, the full weight of her shoulders and breasts on you, while her lower half still moves up and down. Now instead of grinding on you, she’s sliding her vagina up and down your shaft with long strokes. You grab her ass with both hands and thrust up into her as she almost bounces on your cock. “Mmmmm, oooorrrrrhhhh…” you say, thinking you could be seconds away from the point of no return. “Uhhhh, ahhhhh.”

“Do it inside of me, Ross,” Connie says, raising herself up a little to look into your eyes. “I want you to do it inside of me.”

You need no more encouragement, moving one hand to a tit and kissing her, continuing to fuck, now more recklessly. “Uhhhh, aaahhhhh, oooooohhhh!”

“Yessss, let it go inside of me, Uhhh, uhhhh.”

You want to fuck her all night, but you just can’t stop now. With a few more hard, wild thrusts, you let it go, emptying yourself up into her with a loud “Uuuuhhhaaaahhh!” You fill the condom up inside of her with three or four bursts of relief as you shake all over.

“Ooohhh, yeahhh!” Connie exclaims, driving her twat down on you to soothe your subsiding orgasm.

“Ohh yeah is right,” you agree. “Ohhh, that’s good!”

She lies down again on top of you as you both feel each other’s breathing return to almost normal. You caress her back and butt cheeks, your softening dick having been squeezed out of her pussy at some point. She rolls off and lies cuddled up beside you, playing with the condom that’s now loosely only half-covering your floppy penis. She squeezes it around your shaft and pulls it off, keeping most of the semen inside — only a little strand escapes, besides the wetness that’s still keeping your dick wet.

“So,” Connie says, laying the condom on your chest, “what time is your dinner reservation?”