Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 343GuiltySpark...)

“It has to be your best friend Monica. And I get to record everything you guys do. You’re always gone for work and crap, so it would be helpful to have some good jerk-off material while you’re away,” you say with a small smirk.

Rachel replies eagerly saying, “Really? That’s all? I expected you to ask to join in if you wanted to. That’s fine, Ross! You can record everything! That way we can both have a copy too!”

Your girlfriend continues after a brief pause, “And Monica is exactly who I was gonna ask! We’ve both told each other how we were ‘curious’ about what it would be like, so if I can get her in the mood, it should be easy enough to get her in bed. Between you and me, she can be kind of a ho,” she confides, glancing around, as if someone is gonna be in the room to hear her.

You laugh a little at her actions, then immediately go in for a quick kiss. She returns the favor by smiling and reaching down for your semi-hard dick, grabbing it gently and saying, “Thank you sweetie, I’ll call her over tomorrow. She’s in town and she doesn’t know anyone else here, so I’m sure she’ll be happy to hang out for a little. But for now, I think someone needs a little help relaxing. This talk of Monica is getting you a little excited, isn’t it?”

Before you can answer, Rachel lets out a cute giggle as she slides her head under the covers. You lie back and begin to imagine the next day…