Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Natsuki Matsumoto...)

As you lie in the mess of crumpled sheets and covers next to your beloved girlfriend, you begin to pick up a sense of anxiousness coming from her body.

You decide to see what’s going on by faking sleep with your best effort, and sure enough, Rachel carefully slips out of bed assuming you are dead asleep. She tiptoes over towards her phone on the charger across the room, obviously giddy with excitement for a reason unknown to you lying in bed. She picks up her phone and appears to be texting… nothing out of the ordinary…

Suddenly, she shudders, smirks, taps at her phone a few more times, and begins to slip off her panties. At this point, it’s become clear to you that she is sexting with Monica.

This shit is getting serious. She starts playing with herself — even going so far as fingering — and getting really wet down south. Now you’re trapped, since you can’t let Rachel know you’re watching and risk screwing up your whole relationship, but if you brush this off and go to sleep then you’ll never know what ensues.