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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You have less than half an hour before you need to be at the restaurant, and it’s a good fifteen minute drive, so you need to get going. Connie takes care of tying up the condom and keeping it for disposal later. You try to say all the right things like how you wish you didn’t have to go and it was great and everything as you two put your clothes on. After checking around to make sure there’s no ‘evidence’ of your encounter, you all head downstairs, stopping by the master bathroom to check yourselves out. Rachel helps you straighten up and assures you that you look quite presentable. Connie makes sure she has all her stuff, and you head out to your cars.

You just can’t leave Connie without knowing how you might all treat this episode in the future. “Okay, I have this weird uncomfortable feeling,” you tell them, addressing Connie but wanting Rachel’s feedback too.

“Oh?” Connie asks. “Do tell.”

“It’s kind of like at the end of a date where I want to say it was incredible but not be too pushy, to tell you I’ll call you so you know that I wasn’t just wanting to get in your pants one time, and all that.”

“I see….”

“And now there’s the added complexity of…” you say, looking at Rachel, “you. I don’t want to make Connie feel weird by just leaving with no thought of following up, but I don’t want to give you the impression that now there’s someone turning my attention from you.”

“Oooo, quite the dilemma,” Rachel teases.

“Seems like you would have thought of that before, so I guess you two are okay with me just saying what I think and we’re all adults, right?”

“Yeah, sure,” Rachel says.

“Fine with me,” Connie agrees.

“So, Connie, if it’s okay with you, I would like to see you again.” They both kind of giggle. Yeah, that did sound corny. “And, Rachel, if you don’t mind, I’d like to see Connie again… um, us to see Connie again. I mean, today was totally great, and I’d love to get together again, but I don’t want to seem out of line if you two expect this to be a one-time thing.”

“I understand,” Rachel says, giving you a kiss.

“Me too,” Connie says, giving you a kiss too.

“That’s all I’ve got. It’s out there. You know my interest but if it’s been a one-time thing then I can handle it.”

“That’s sweet,” Rachel says, “We did mention it to each other.” Connie nods in agreement. “How about we hang out again a couple times, no sex, just hang out, and see where things go after that?”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Turning to Connie, you tell her, “okay, we’ll call you!”

“Thanks again for the tour. It’s a beautiful place,” says Rachel, as she gets in the car and Connie gets in hers.

“No problem,” Connie replies, . “Oh, and… thanks for letting me fuck your boyfriend!” She closes the door and is off.

You and Rachel continue with your date, sharing a wonderful dinner and dessert, not talking at all about the sex part of your house tour. She is very flirty, though. When you get home, you watch a couple of TV shows cuddled up together, and then get ready for bed,

“So, I have something serious to ask you,” Rachel says.

“Ummm, okay…”

“You had quite a… vigorous? satisfying? … sexual experience earlier this evening.”

“Well, if I denied it, I’d totally be lying.”

“So, did it wear you out? Did it do you in? Or,” she asks, “are you up for another?”

“Oh, I’m totally up for it!”

So you have a second vigorous, satisfying sexual experience of the night, this time with your girlfriend. She is quite frisky, and impressed with how long you are able to go at it (which you attribute to having been drained earlier). After some extended oral play and fucking for a good long time, she finally wants you to cum inside of her, So of course you do, while you are sitting up with her sitting on your lap and her legs wrapped around you, looking into each other’s eyes.