Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

The next day after work you arrive at the station to pick up Rachel’s niece, Katherine. It’s been a few years since you last saw her, but as soon as she steps off the train it is obvious the change from child to adult is complete.

Tall, toned and still with girlish grin she runs towards you on the platform throwing her arms around you.

Her small breasts are pushed firmly into you as her straight dark shoulder length hair covers your face. The sweet smell of an unknown perfume fills your lungs as you start to sense the growing erection in your pants.

Quickly you move away, Katherine still smiling but with a glint in her eyes. “You look pleased to see me” she says.

“Erm, of course it’s been a while,” you reply. “Come on let’s get you home,”

Climbing into the car you try not to make it obvious that you are checking out Katherine’s shapely legs, black sheer tights underneath a small red velvet skirt. Your eyes instinctively move to her small chest which is held nicely within a white tight top. Due to her boob size and age, Katherine is not wearing a bra as nature keeps everything in place. You are looking at the faint outline of her nipples when Katherine suddenly remarks, “they haven’t grown much, but you always did like looking at them.”

Flustered, you try to protest but Katherine just giggles and says, “we should get back to Auntie Rachel.”

When you pull up at the house, Rachel comes out to meet her on the doorstep. Taking her niece in a big hug you can see the family resemblance with the same hair colour and similar style, the same nose and mouth and similar in height. The only real differences are Rachel’s boobs are decidedly larger and Katherine is half Rachel’s age. They could easily pass for mother and daughter.

As they enter the house Katherine goes off to use the bathroom. “Wow, she’s grown,” Rachel says. “How do we get you to seduce her quickly?”

You look at your girlfriend in shock. “Well,” she continues, “it’s unfair on the poor girl to let Jamie go first, she will never be able handle him without someone getting her ready for that monster cock.”

As Katherine comes back into the room, Rachel grabs her and takes her into the kitchen, opening the fridge and grabbing the wine. “I don’t really drink, Auntie Rachel,” she says talking a full glass of cold white wine in her hand, “and it’s also only just gone twelve!” Despite the protest, Katherine hungrily starts to drink the wine.

Two hours later you re-enter the living room after being banished so the girls could have a catch up. Rachel is sitting close to Katherine absentmindedly stroking Katherine’s leg with her free hand.

“Good timing, these glasses need refilling!” giggles Rachel.

“Of course, mistress,” you reply, bowing deeply before going to get the wine.

“Unfortunately Katherine hasn’t got a man servant any longer,” she shouts after you.

Bringing the wine back into the room, you looks at Katherine and try to offer some words of comfort before asking whose decision it was to finish her relationship.

“It was mine,” says Katherine, “We wanted different things.”

Rachel suddenly bursts out laughing. “Yes, Katherine wanted to keep her anal virginity and he wanted her to lose it!”

Katherine turns in shock to her aunt, but before she can respond Rachel adds, “Uncle Ross can help you if you want him to. Me too of course…”

Katherine, still with a look of shock in her eyes, turns from her Auntie Rachel to you. After what seems like an age she laughs nervously and says, “Ha ha, I thought you were serious for a moment.” Looking at your faces she suddenly realizes you both are.

Katherine has secretly fancied you for so many years but always thought it was a “safe” fantasy to get her through puberty and into adulthood without acting upon it. Now, suddenly after all these years, it could come true if she wants it.

Katherine takes a deep breath…