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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“So what would it, I mean, what would we…” Katherine stumbles over her words.

Rachel gently takes Katherine’s face in her hands and kisses her gently on the lips. Slowly pushing her tongue into Katherine’s mouth Rachel quietly takes control, gently stroking her breasts through the thin material.

“Just relax,” says Rachel. “We will take care of you.”

Rachel slowly removes Katherine’s top, travelling over her small pert boobs and taut flat stomach. There’s a small birthmark above her belly button which uncannily resembles one on Rachel’s stomach. Rachel turns and nods and you lean down and take Katherine’s right breast in your mouth.

“Uncle Ross is going to fuck you,” Rachel says breathlessly. “He’s going to make you cum, he’s going to cum and then he’s going to make you cum again, and I’m going to help.”

Katherine is a slave to her body, moving gently as both of her breasts are molested at once by the mouths of her auntie and ‘uncle.’ Rachel’s hand reaches Katherine’s legs and pushes them apart and two, three, four fingers start pushing into her. They meet little resistance as her juices are following freely down her legs.

You suddenly push your head between her thighs, forcing her to widen her legs. As your lips and teeth suck and pull on her cunt, Katherine starts to feel an orgasm building.

Rachel is busy removing her clothes while Katherine lies back enjoying your tongue. Rachel puts her leg over Katherine’s shoulder and slowly lowers her cunt over her face. Katherine attempts to struggle but Rachel holds her head with both hands. “Lick me, slut, like Ross is sucking you!” Slowly she relents as her aunt rides her mouth.

As Katherine starts to build toward an orgasm Rachel turns around so her body is facing the opposite direction as Katherine. Grabbing hold of her niece’s legs she lifts them higher, parting them as you continue to lick. “Stick your cock inside of her,” commands your girlfriend. Not needing a second invite, you lift your head and replace it with your hard cock as Rachel pulls back Katherine’s legs to ensure full penetration at the first go.

Katherine wriggles in ecstasy as you force your cock further and further into her. As you build toward orgasm, Rachel suddenly pushes on your back, forcing you deeper into her niece.

“Now,” Rachel says, “it’s time for you to take her up the ass!”

Katherine starts to try and get out of the way, but with her legs around Rachel’s neck there is little she can do.

Slowly you remove your cock from Katherine’s pussy and push your knob slowly into the bud of Katherine’s butt. After a minute of trying and gradually getting the tip inside of Katherine, Rachel is starting to get frustrated at the speed of things. She puts her hands on your ass cheeks and pushes hard to force your cock into her niece.

Katherine screams out and tries to cry as your cock is pushed fully up her anal passage. The involuntary pushing and pulling of the cock inside her means it’s not long before Katherine and yourself are ready to cum, and you explode while fucking her from behind.

“Take it out and get her to clean it,” Rachel barks.

You remove your cock from Katherine’s wet, well-fucked gaping asshole and are just about to shove it in her mouth when you realize your girlfriend is none too happy. Gathering your clothes you approach her. “What’s the matter honey?”

Rachel looks at you with love in her eyes. “Nothing, just that you love Katherine more than me!”

For the second time you do a double take. “No way, I want you more than anything!”

Rachel smiles slyly at you. “I’m going out. Tell Katherine she needs to lick my cunt, then we’ll get her ready for tonight.”