Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Natsuki Matsumoto...)

You’ve seen enough of what’s going on, and since you can’t see the messages themselves there’s no point in going on watching, so you fall asleep normally.

The next morning when you wake up, Rachel is still asleep. “Huh, little out of the ordinary,” you mutter to yourself. “Rachel is almost always up earlier than I am, so she must have been going at it with Monica on that phone of hers for a long time after I fell asleep.”

On your way to the bathroom, you notice that her phone screen is still moist in little dots across the normal keyboard area.

The day progresses without incident. However, as the evening sky turns crimson to make way for a velvety dusk, the arrival of Rachel’s best friend Monica becomes imminent.

Rachel is starting to get obviously horny, and as usual, this feeling starts to rub off on you, so when the expected guest arrives right at the moment you and your girlfriend are getting in “the mood” together, it doesn’t take but a split second to get right down to business.

While you’re getting the camera set up and the lights just right, Rachel and Monica are setting up the bed together. Watching them work together like that, you can already sense strong feeling and emotion between the two women. You can’t possibly wait a second longer for what you’re about to witness.