Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You dig your fork into your chocolate thing and take a bite. “Mmmmmm.” After savoring it, you take another bite, while Rachel is still staring at hers. “Mmmmm, wow, that’s good,” you tell her. “How’s yours?”

After getting over the initial shock, Rachel lets out a couple of giggles and decides just to go for it. She breaks off a little bit of the crust with her fork and scoops it up with some berries that are coated with a little bit of the “glaze.” You stare at her while she raises the bite to her mouth. Pausing, she looks at you with a look that says she’s not quite sure about this, then looks at the fork, then back at you, then to the fork again. After a deep breath, she pops it into her mouth and chews a bunch of times, then swallows it.

You realize this is the first time she’s ever had your cum in her mouth. She’s given you plenty of blowjobs, but never fully gotten you off with her mouth… except maybe some pre-cum, but you’ve never asked about that. You don’t cum on her very often, and when you do, it’s just up the front of her on her tummy and in her pubic hair. Twice, maybe, you’ve done it on her tits, but that wasn’t recently. Oh, and there was the time you were doing her doggy style and when you pulled out you shot it way up her back and got it in her hair. Usually you finish inside of her, and sometimes you try to just keep the head in so that you give her a cream pie that leaks out — she actually really likes that. She’s played with your cum with her fingers for a minute afterward, whether it’s in her or on her, but she’s never had it in her mouth. Until now.

“Hmmmm,” she says, shrugging her shoulders. “Tastes like… berries.”

You raise your macchiato cup to your lips, and notice the cool latte art on the surface before taking a sip.

“Ummm,” you hold the cup toward Rachel. “What does this look like to you?”

“Uh, yeah,” she says. “That’s totally a vagina!”

“Thought so.” You think you might have just seen the guy at the other table look your way for a second, maybe having overheard the word “vagina.”

You take a sip, making sure to stretch your top lip out toward the center and make a slurping noise. Rachel giggles. She chops off another bite of her dessert, this time trying to take more of your cum, but the thin fluid just oozes through the tines of the fork. So she grabs your small coffee spoon and uses it to scoop up quite a lot. It’s like a whole spoonful of cum, mostly clear fluid but containing a big whitish blob too, with three berries floating in it. She holds it up to her face, and looks into your eyes while she closes her lips around the handle of the spoon, pulling it out to leave the entire gob inside. As she squishes it around in her mouth, she makes an icky face, and it takes about three tries before she finally swallows it.

“Ah,” she smacks her mouth like she didn’t really enjoy it. “I’m not gonna lie… it doesn’t taste like berries.” But she did gobble most of your cum down in that one bite, so she doesn’t have much more on the plate, which will make it easier for her to finish the rest. She grabs your cup to take a sip of your macchiato. A few more bites and sips, and both of you are all done with your desserts and drink. Just in time, too, because Elania is turning off the outside lights and putting things away, indicating that it’s closing time. The other couple finally gets up and says their goodbyes to Elania and her assistant as they go out the door.

After a couple minutes, the other girl comes over to you to take your dishes and drop your check off. “How was everything? Tasty as usual?”

“Tasty,” Rachel says, “but not as usual.”

“Was something wrong?”

“Oh, no… I just never had this particular dessert before. A new experience. But very nice.”

The two of you get up, and the three of you go to the register. While you’re paying, you ask her, “what is your name? We see you in here all the time, and we know Elania, be we don’t know your name.”

“Oh, I’m Nicole,” she says. “And you?”

You and Rachel introduce yourselves. As you’re signing the receipt and adding a generous tip, Elania comes out from the back. You say your goodbyes to Nicole as Elania walks you and Rachel to the door to lock up behind you. You step outside and turn to say goodbye. “Good night, and thank you so much for… tonight. That was… wow, fantastic.”

“I am so glad I could make you happy.” Turning to Rachel, she adds, “thank you for lending your boyfriend for the sex at break time, my dear. It very much… relieved my stress.”

“You are very welcome,” Rachel replies.

“Maybe next time there will be time for him to give me an orgasm,” she says, pulling the door closed, clicking the lock, and disappearing toward the back.