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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Klol...)

“Could you eat mine, Mistress?”

One second passes after asking the question then Rachel slaps you hard across your face. She holds your head back with your hair, stoops over you and whispers, “You’ve got some balls on you, kid. To think I would actually eat your ass? Amazing. Looks like you still haven’t gotten a hang of what’s happening here.”

You try in vain to detect some hint of a smile on her face, but she is dead serious. At best, she’s amused with you right now.

“Sorry, Mistress — ”


“No talking right now, bitch. I’ve got something very special planned for you. Yes, sir. Do you want it?”

You simply nod. Rachel tightens her grip on your hair.

“Do. You. Want. It?” she says through gritted teeth.

“Y-Yes, Mistress.”

“Good boy”, she smiles, finally.

She walks around you and slowly pushes you down to your fours. You can feel her cool, light touch guiding you — her hands on your ass, just barely touching.

Your girlfriend’s hands pry your ass cheeks apart. The tip of her dildo touches your tight, virgin anus. You whimper.


“This is so much fun,” she laughs.

After massaging your ass cheeks for some time, she shoves her dick into you — tearing your ass open. You shriek.

“Yeah, bitch, you like that?” she says while pounding your ass raw. She keeps spanking you on your ass cheeks. Right. Left. Left. Right.

“Looks like you’re really enjoying it, aren’t you?” she asks while fucking you.

It’s true. You’ve got a rock hard erection — harder than it’s ever been in recent memory. You try to touch it —


“No! No touching,” she admonishes while slowing her pace down. You can hear her panting. You’re covered in sweat too. With a loud PLOP, she pulls out and spanks you one last time. You fall on the ground, groaning.

“That’s how you fuck”, she sighs and sits on the couch. After a few moments, she clicks her fingers. You look up.

“Does baby want to come?” she asks very sweetly.

You nod. “Yes, Mistress, I want to come really badly.”

She beckons you over. You crawl, not wanting to risk offending her. She doesn’t smile.

“Sit,” she says. You sit.

“Now. Here’s how this is going to work. Since you’ve taken your punishment like a good boy, I will reward you. I will finish what I started.”

Before you can say anything, Rachel places a foot on your dick. You gulp. You look up to see a mischievous glint in her eyes before her other foot reaches your face.

“Inhale,” she says softly. You comply, inhaling deeply. Her other foot starts jerking you off.

“Oh, fuck!”

“Yeah, Ross, you like that?” she asks while rubbing her foot all over your face.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“Lick it. Lick my foot clean. Spit on it, here”, she commands.

You happily comply. Soon, her wet foot is all over your face, and her other foot is rubbing your balls.

“Mistress, I’m going to —”

“Here, on my feet,” she says and lowers both her feet in front of your cock.

You give yourself a couple of strokes and explode all over Rachel’s feet. Your thick cum coats her toes, ankles, and a few droplets even reach her thighs.

You lie back and bask in the glory. This pretend-domination thing was really fun, you think, even though it went too far.

“So,” you ask while looking at the ceiling, “what now?”

“Now you eat your come,” is all you hear.