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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Katherine is lying down, still trying to catch her breath. She looks up as you approach her. “Auntie Rachel,” you say, “wants you to eat her out.”

As Katherine looks up bewildered, with a hazy mix of alcohol inside of her and the feeling of sperm oozing out of her ass, she is slowly beginning to regret coming to stay. But by the time she starts to protest, Rachel has stripped naked and is lowering herself onto Katherine’s face. “You go and clean up Katherine while she makes me cum,” she orders you.

Katherine tentatively starts to lick her Auntie’s wet glistening cunt as she feels your mouth on her butt, licking and slurping the cum that is slowly oozing down towards her cunt. You lick slowly but with a purpose, making your way up to Katherine’s red, still slightly-gaping asshole. As you force your tongue inside, more cum starts to flow, coinciding with an orgasm from Katherine.

Your girlfriend sits up suddenly, grinding her cunt into her niece’s face and flooding her with juices as she climaxes over her.

“Right,” Rachel says, climbing off Katherine and starting to put her clothes back on. “I will be back in an hour, I have to go shopping.”

As Rachel leaves, Katherine rolls over and goes to sleep. You watch as her beautiful body twists over onto her side. Wow, you think, how did we get here? Where has Rachel gone? What will happen tonight? Exhausted from your anal sex fun with Katherine, you find yourself drifting off to sleep also.