Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lolk...)

You take her glazed and supple hand and slowly guide it towards your crotch. Carol notices this and stops sucking you to let Aunt Vera stroke you. Aunt Vera, not breaking contact with you all this time, sits down beside you.

You lean in for a kiss and are greeted with a wonderfully generous tongue in your mouth. You feel her other hand hold your hair while she kisses you deeply and intensely.

“That is so fucking hot,” Carol murmurs.

You break the kiss and laugh, and then start making out with her too. You feel your Aunt’s warm, wet mouth around your dick, sucking it slowly yet steadily.

Your hands explore your cousin’s newfound curves. She moans into your mouth as you squeeze her big boobs and pinch her nipples. She was right; they are sensitive.

She starts kissing you a little more violently, pulling you towards her and panting between kisses. Her mother’s sucking has also picked up the pace. And just as your cousin was getting up to sit on your lap, the doorbell rings.

“Ah, fuck this!” Carol groans as your Aunt gets up.

“Relax, I’ll go see,” she says while walking away in her slender night gown.

“Leave the door open,” you say just as Carol starts kissing you again. She makes herself comfortable on your lap as your hands move inside her shirt and feel her smooth, warm, hard body. You feel her grinding her moist crotch over your dick.

“Roy is here!” Aunt Vera announces while you’re taking off Carol’s clothes. She really has grown.

“Hey big sister!” a young skinny boy greets your girlfriend. She clearly wasn’t expecting this. You grin as Carol, fully nude, is pulling your pants down. She’s such a sight; you think. Pale, voluptuous, and libidinous. She’s just about to let you titty fuck her when Aunt Vera calls out.

“Hey kids, you want to start dinner?” You both look at her as she puts her mouth on your Rachel’s pussy and sucks out a small fruit to eat it. Your girlfriend visibly shivers.

“What the fuck, that was awesome!” Roy gasps.

“You want a taste?”

“Isn’t he a bit too young for this?” Carol asks you, concerned.

“Relax, he’s as old as you are. Just doesn’t look it.” You both get up and walk towards the dinner table. Aunt Vera is making out with Roy and feeding him your girlfriend’s pussy fruit.

You push Carol down on the table, so she’s facing Rachel.

“Hi,” Carol winks at her, shaking her cute butt for you.

You grab hold of her hips and rub your dick against her sopping wet, young pussy. She moans and pushes her ass back against you. Having had enough teasing, you start pushing it in. Both of you moan — she’s much tighter than Rachel. After pushing it in, you develop a pace. You fuck her steadily while she rocks on the table, right in front of your girlfriend’s eyes. Her pussy is perfectly tight, yet wet.

On the other side of the table, Roy is about to go to third base with his big sister under Aunt Vera’s guidance.

“Here, suck on this hard,” she says. Her gown is off and she’s just dressed in her lingerie. Roy stands behind your girlfriend and places his hands on her plump ass.

Rachel’s eyes widen considerably as her brother places his lips on her pussy and sucks hard.

Meanwhile, both you and Carol are on the brink of orgasm. She’s rocking hard on the table and talking to your girlfriend while you fuck her.

“Oh my God he’s so big! His dick feels perfect for my pussy, I can’t believe you get this whenever you want oh HOLY FUCKKK!” She cums hard, and you cum soon after, keeping your dick deep inside her as you unload in her young, tight pussy.

After you’re done ejaculating, you pull out. Carol sighs, but stays put. She’s smiling at your girl.

“Thank you,” she tells her before taking a big bite out of the apple in Rachel’s mouth.

“That good, sweetheart? He gave you what you needed?” Aunt Vera asks.

“Oh yeah, Ma. You should try it sometime.”

You sit at the head of the table, with Carol on your lap, and notice that Roy’s been eating his sister out this whole time while Aunt Vera is stroking his dick. Carol is transfixed.

“Surprisingly big, isn’t he?” Carol just gives you a look.

“Hey, don’t forget your veggies,” Aunt Vera reprimands him lightly. He looks as confused as he is horny. She tugs on the celery sticking out of your girlfriend’s ass. He’s apprehensive.

“Look, it’s nice.” Aunt Vera pulls out the long smelly celery stick out, shows it to Roy, and then takes a big bite of it. She then offers it to Roy who starts eating it as well.

“Aunt Vera, my turkey’s ass looks kind of empty,” Carol giggles. “What should we do?”

“Hmm, you’re right. Looks like it could use a nice stuffing.”