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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

After a few minutes, the two of you get up, and Ivana unwraps another piece of candy and pops it into her mouth. She grabs her basket and leads you out of the room, still butt naked, and Rachel follows you, still silent, not having said a word this whole time. At the front door now, Ivana grabs her coat off the floor and sticks her arms through it. She and Rachel give each other a kiss on the cheek, and she tells you, “Happy Halloween, my dears. Eet vas a delicious treat.” She presses into you, the naked front of her body still wet with your semen, giving you a deep kiss. Another kiss with more tongue, and you realize you have ended up with her candy in your mouth.

The mystery woman opens the door, wraps her coat around her, and steps out into the night. You watch as she quickly walks past the next two houses and disappears around the corner. You realize you’re naked and hop back inside, closing and locking the door.

“Whoa… so, who was that?” you ask Rachel. She doesn’t answer because she’s slumped over in the chair, holding her head. “Ummm… Rachel?”

She picks her head up slowly and gives you a dazed look. “Whaaa…?”

“Are you okay?”

“Um, yeah, just a little woozy. And… why are you naked?”

“Really?” you ask, confused.

“Yeah, did we, uh… were we…? Sorry, I think I blacked out for a minute.”

“Oh, wow… sorry. She just left. It’s just you and me now.”

“Who left? The trick-or-treater? It was a girl? Someone needs to tell her it’s dangerous for her to be out by herself like that. It’s Halloween alright, but everyone was off the streets a long time ago.”

“Ummm….” She has to be joking, right?

“And please tell me you took your clothes of after she left.” She looks you up and down. “I mean, I like it, but we can’t have the neighborrs calling the cops because you exposed yourself to their daughter.”

“Yeah, um, so, how long were you out?”

“I don’t know, long enough for you to answer the door. Oh, and get naked. A minute? You tell me.” She stands up and stretches back and forth. “I feel fine now. Whew, that was weird.”

You decide to play along. You wonder how to handle this, but in the meantime you’ll just act like she knows nothing and go about the rest of your night. Now for the problem at hand… you’re not going to be able to have sex with her for a while because you need some time to recover. But you can’t just avoid the issue of sex, because, hey, you’re naked and she’s dressed like Sexy Pirate and she’d think something was wrong if you didn’t want to do it. You really want to give her a good fucking, and you think you can get up for it in a little while, but you need more time.

“Well, we’ll take it easy,” you tell her. “Want something to drink? Aspirin or something?”

“Nah. Well, just some water.” She starts toward the kitchen, but you block her. You have an idea.

“No, you sit down for a minute. I’ll get some for you.”

You go into the kitchen and, while you put some ice in a glass and get some water for her, you grab the milk carton out of the fridge. It’s less than half full, so it’s not a complete waste, but you pour almost all the rest down the sink, leaving just a tiny bit. “Well, shit,” you call into her, putting the carton back in the fridge. “We’re out of milk.” You return to her and hand her the glass of water.

“Out of milk?”

“Yeah, we need some for tomorrow morning. It’s not too late — I’m going to go up to the store and get some real quick. That’ll give you more time to make sure you’re okay.” Then you head toward the back of the house. “Hold that thought. Gotta pee!”

You grab your clothes from the guest room, making sure to find the condom and pick up a candy wrapper and turn off the light. You go into the bathroom slip your clothes on, flush the toilet, and wrap the condom in a tissue and bury it in the trash.

You can assume she’s faking this blacking-out thing, and either will come clean sometime or go on forever not admitting it. You know her well enough that you guess she’ll crack at some point. But if she really did black out or was under some spell or something the whole time and really doesn’t know about Ivana, well, that would be super creepy weird, and you can’t believe that for a second, but if it was true, you wonder if you should mention it. You’ll have to think about it some more.

Returning to Rachel, you ask her, “better?”

“Yeah, I feel fine.”

“I’m going for milk. Wanna come with?”

She agrees, but you two decide it would be better for her to be regular Pirate Lady rather than Sexy Pirate for your trip, so she puts the rest of her clothes back on. You try to make the milk run take as long as possible, not driving fast, taking an extra loop in the parking lot, taking your time in the store and looking at other stuff. She is kind of giggly and flirty, which makes you even more sure she was faking the blackout thing. But you decide to go with it at least for now.

Back at home, you suggest a shower before bed. The two of you enjoy soaping each other’s naked bodies, and even though you don’t get a full-on boner, you are plenty turned on. After drying each other off and brushing your teeth, you lead her naked out to the kitchen and find the candy basket to dig through it to see what all is left. She separates out some of the candy to take to work the next day, keeping the best stuff for yourselves of course.

You know that Rachel is horny, having strutted around naked for a while, and before that taken a shower with you, and before that been quite flirtatious. Oh, yeah, and before that, she watched you have sex with another woman, including getting your dick sucked, eating her pussy, fucking her wildly with biting and scratching, and cumming all over her. So there’s no way you can let the night end without satisfying your girlfriend. And besides, you’ve wasted enough time that you’re pretty sure you’re up for it now.