Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

You lift Rachel up onto the counter on the island in the middle of the kitchen and stand in front of her naked body, between her legs. She purrs as you begin to kiss her breasts, and moans more sharply and digs her fingers into your hair while you more aggressively suck and pinch her nipples, which are stiff with excitement. You look up into her eyes and flick and swirl your tongue around, bathing her titties with your saliva. You suck her tits for a good while, back and forth, one then the other, alternately wetting one and then spreading the saliva around with your fingers while your mouth works on the other.

She lies back onto her elbows, and your kisses arrive at her tummy. After a few tickles at her navel, causing her to giggle as always, your tongue trails down and arrives at the top of her pubic hair. Instead of licking and teasing all around, you decide to just dive right in, pushing your lips firmly right into the center, kissing the delightful folds of flesh that are nestled inside her beautiful muff. She moans and lies back completely, opening her legs some more. With a few more kisses, you notice that she’s extremely wet, maybe wetter than you’ve ever experienced. Pulling her labia apart with your thumbs, you gaze down into the glistening pink layers of her cunt.

Your tongue swirling around inside makes Rachel wiggle and squeal. You dig your tongue in harder, pushing it deep inside as your fingers keep her opening spread wide. Removing your hands to her thighs, your tongue glides up and down the hairy slit. Still licking her, you move your hands up her body to her breasts. Her hands join yours to help fondle her titties. You French-kiss her pussy deeply, covering those lips with yours, working your tongue as far up into her vagina as you can. You eat her vigorously, shaking your head back and forth a few times, as she moans and gasps noisily.

Pausing to catch your breath, you tell her, “wow, you are so wet!”

“Yeah I am!” she replies. “I am really fucking horny! Mmmmm, yeahhhhh.”

Back inside her twat, your tongue continues to work its magic, probing and fluttering. With one hand still on her tit, you use the other hand to finger her open, spreading the labia apart to give your eyes a better view and your tongue better access. You attack her clitoris, causing her to squeal and moan more, as well as grind her hips steadily. You’re not sure she’s ever been this loud before either, or this active while getting eaten out. By now her hands have a hold of your head, pulling you into her while she thrusts, actually fucking your face.

After a minute, you come up for air again. Rachel immediately clenches your head and pushes forward, letting out a loud “no!” You look at her while panting and trying to lick. “Sorry, just… keep going.”

You do the best you can, using your tongue to lick inside while fingering her, panting, catching your breath, not quite able to seal your mouth over her pussy again. She is doing a lot of the work, though, bucking her hips as you try to nudge her clitoris. You are able to push deeper after a minute, breathing heavily through your nose as she fucks your mouth with noisy grunting and gasping. She convulses and trembles, letting out a series of loud “ooooohhhh” and “uuuuuuurrrrrrhhhhmmmm” and “ooooaaaaahhhhh” sounds. Her breathing is still heavy, but her pelvic thrusts have stopped as she just lies there recovering from her apparent orgasm.

You kiss up her body, and after a minute her eyes open and lock with yours. “I just have to ask,” you tell her, “did you just orgasm?”

“Oh yeah, a big one!”

You kiss her front some more as your fingers comb through her wet pubic hair. “Thank you,” she tells you between breaths. “And thank you for asking.” After more kisses and more caressing, she is still just lying there. “She is very satisfied,” Rachel tells you, moving her hand down between her legs and fingering herself open. “But… she needs you inside of her.”