Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

The next day on the way home from work, you stop at the store and get a couple of green apples and a couple of red apples. You and Rachel are in the habit frequently of making something for dinner together, and tonight you volunteer to make a special dessert. You peel and cut up one red apple and one green one, combine them with a little sugar and flour and cinnamon. You make a crude crust out of flour and shortening, and get out the mini pie pans you hardly ever use.

“Wow, look at you,” Rachel affirms your prowess in the kitchen. “What’s the occasion?”

“The occasion is that I think you’re wonderful.”

“Oh, ha!” she says.

“Oh, and I really like pie.”

“So do I… but if you’re making two, I won’t be able to eat a whole one.”

“I say we split one tonight and have the other some other time.”

“Okay, but even with only half of one, I’ll have to do something to work it off.”

“I can think of something,” you say, grabbing her ass and pressing your face into her neck.

“Ha ha, funny guy,” Rachel swats at you.

“Whatever do you mean? Nothing funny. Come on a run with me after dinner, after we digest a bit.” She agrees. You don’t run much, and she doesn’t go with you much, but every so often the two of you like to do something to help keep in decent shape, and you’re always happy to have the opportunity to be turned on by your bouncy sweaty girlfriend.

You make two mini pies, setting some crust in each pan and filling them with the apple mixture, then doing the best you can to crimp a top crust down onto each one. Not professional by any means, but it will do. After your light dinner, you relax and watch a couple shows on your favorite streaming video service while the pies bake. When your shows are done, you change into your running clothes, in front of each other with plenty of touching. When the pies are done, you leave them to cool as you take off for your run. You return in less than thirty minutes, but you both are plenty sweaty, so it’s time for a shower. You are pretty frisky, but want the actual sex to come later, so you don’t pursue her more than just a lot of flirting and touching. She, however, reciprocates your friskiness, and after manually stimulating each other, somehow you end up actually penetrating her as she sits on the ledge in the shower. More than anything, you just stand there making out with your penis lodged up inside her vagina. She wiggles plenty, but you do the best you can not to produce much friction because you don’t want to cum. Not yet at least.

All clean and dry, you put on boxers and a t-shirt, and she puts on a pair of panties and a thin tank top, laying lightly over her jiggling boobs with their perky nipples. You head to the kitchen to check on dessert.

Rachel picks up one of the pies, almost cuddling it, smelling it with her eyes closed. “Mmmmm, still warm,” she purrs. You clear off the island in the middle of the kitchen, setting a few things elsewhere and putting a couple things away. As you spray the countertop with some cleaner, she looks almost annoyed. “Whatcha doing?”

“Oh, you know, can’t stand a dirty kitchen!” You wipe the countertop down, and then again with a damp towel, then again with a dry one. You grab a dessert plate out of the cabinet and carefully remove the pie onto it, then get a knife out of the drawer.

“Oh, fancy! I was just going to dig into it out of the pan!” She looks puzzled. “Um, forks? Or, one fork. I don’t mind your cooties.”

“We don’t need forks,” you tell her, picking her up and setting her on the counter. You pinch off a piece of crust and hold it to her lips. She takes it tentatively as you cup and nuzzle one of her breasts.

“Oooo,” she says, “kinky!”

You pinch some apple filling and wipe it onto her thigh. You hold another piece of crust to her lips as you bend down and suck the apple stuff off her leg. When you raise your head back up so that your eyes meet, she looks astonished. You smile as you wipe another finger full of filling on her other leg, then eat it off of her, then look into her eyes again, and this time she’s smiling big.

“Super kinky!” she says. You pull on the sides of her panties, and she plants her hands on the counter to raise herself up. Off come the panties, as she pulls at your shirt, which comes off just as easily and joins her panties on the floor.

“You said last night that you wanted me to tell you one of my fantasies tonight.” She smiles. “Well, you don’t have to ask me… this is it. I’ve always wanted to eat pie off each other.” You push her shirt up to expose her boobs, one of which you plant a big wet kiss on. “Well, not specifically pie, but something sexy.”

“Apple pie is sexy! This will work!” She raises her arms and you pull her shirt all the way off, leaving her completely naked sitting on the counter with her legs crossed. She uses her toes to push down on the waistband of your boxers, and you help them off, fully erect penis springing to attention.

“I’m glad you don’t think it’s nasty,” you tell her.

She grins at you seductively. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” She grabs a small handful of pie, partly crust, partly filling. “I kind of think it’s nasty.” She slaps the dessert directly on her naked tit, then wipes her hand on your neck, licking her lips at you. “And I’m ready to get nasty!”