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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“We’ll renegotiate!” your girlfriend quickly responds. “How about you fuck my pussy and cum inside me?”

You stare at her in surprise. “Rachel! What are you thinking!”

“I’ve never seen anyone cum that much before, I want to feel it. Sorry honey, look at it this way, we’ve been trying for two weeks, since my last period, so here’s how I want to do this, you can fuck me after him, so that way you still have a chance, okay?”

The old teacher leers at your girlfriend. “Sounds good to me, only fair that I should warn you, I cum even more the second time.”

Rachel looks at you pleading with her eyes, and you quickly give in. You never can help it when she gives you that look.

As the teacher starts fucking your girlfriend’s pussy, you realize you have a few choices. You could watch, fuck her ass at the same time, or maybe record a video of her with your phone…