Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

Rachel is a bit more energetic than you would expect. If you had time to think about it, you would have expected a slow stripper-style strip tease, but she’s doing more of a club dance, hair and arms flying about, and it looks kind of silly, but really hot. Almost like she’s practiced this, she slinks the straps of her babydoll off at a transition in the music, pulling her arms through and teasing the lace down to almost give you a peek at her nipples. At the next transition, her tits pop into full view as she shifts back and forth rhythmically, pushing the nightie over her hips and down her legs to her ankles. Stepping out of it, she flicks it toward you with a foot, but it misses. She turns halfway around, giving you a pleasant view of her little bikini panties as she wiggles her ass and bends over a few times. Turning back around, she uses another musical transition to push the panties down, legs spread open enough to hold them up at the top of her thighs while you admire her gyrating bush. Shortly, after letting the panties drop to the floor and kicking them your way, she is naked except for her stockings.

The music fades into a new song, and Rachel taps the phone a few times to turn the volume down. “I think you need to lose those shorts,” she tells you. You make a pathetic attempt to dance a bit while trying to remove them sexily, and at least she appreciates the effort because she giggles at you and claps. You feel dorky, but it’s just her, so it’s more exciting than embarrassing. You approach her, your semi-erect penis leading the way.

“Nuh-uh,” she wags her finger at you. “You just get to watch, remember?”

You feel slighted, but just for a second, till you realize that she’s just getting started, and seems to want to pleasure herself while you watch. You step backwards to return to your post, hands behind your back, waving your dick at her. She seems to have positioned you just right so that you can look slightly down on her from pretty close, as she climbs onto the bed and crawl-dances to the music. She works one stocking off, then the other, between poses, so now she is completely naked. Opening her legs while kneeling, bending over to get on all fours, and finally lying on her back with her feet up, she gives you a few naughty explicit views of her lovely lady parts. She begins to finger her labia open, and you instinctively grab your cock.

“Noooo,” she says slowly, “no touching, just watching.” Oh, this is not going to be easy!

While you and your poor helpless boner watch Rachel intently, she begins to masturbate, rubbing her slit up and down with just her middle finger, then two others when that one disappears inside. She intermittently tries to keep up the “dancing” and succumbing to the pleasure of just rubbing herself. Grabbing a bottle off the nightstand, she coats her fingers with what you assume is personal lubricant, and slowly works all four of the fingers of that hand inside her vagina. Fucking herself like that causes her to throw her head back, and you can barely contain your excitement as her breasts expand upward with her exaggerated breaths. She turns over onto her stomach, and you are mesmerized by the sight of her butt cheeks clenching over and over again as she humps her hand for a while. Raising up onto her knees, she lets you gaze deeply into her open cunt as she plunges her fingers inside and separates them as she pulls them out. If you were allowed to touch your dick, you imagine you would cum in about two seconds, and the spurt would probably reach her from here.