Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by k.kikkiriccio...)

On her back again, Rachel grabs a different bottle, a longer but small cylindrical one like a travel-size shampoo bottle or something, and applies some lubricant to it. She’s not going to… yes, she is. She presses the bottle into the drenched fleshy pinkness between her legs that’s now exposed because she’s prying herself open with the fingers of her other hand, and with a few pushes, inserts it deeply into her vagina. She slides it smoothly in and out for a minute, and you realize that her movements are matching the beat of the music. She fucks her bottle to the rhythm, hips gyrating, using her fingers to mess around with her clitoris. Her movements intensify, getting stronger, but stay at the same speed, keeping with the music. Then all of a sudden, she doubles her pace, with two thrusts per beat instead of one, quickly, but still controlled and not wildly, stimulating herself intensely inside and out.

You are aware of the noises she’s making — you can hear squishing sounds periodically from between her legs and moans and gasps coming from her mouth. She finally is out of rhythm, apparently not caring about the music any longer but just concentrating on getting herself off. As she sits more upright, leaning on one hand, the bottle gets squeezed out of her vagina, and she replaces it with three fingers, using the knuckle of her index finger to crush her clitoris. It takes only a few more noisy frantic seconds before she climaxes, flopping around and shivering and crying out in ecstasy.

Rachel lies there for a few seconds, her rapid breathing getting more and more shallow, and then rolls over to tap her phone. The music stops, and she sits on the edge of the bed, legs crossed, looking at you. Feeling that it’s okay to approach her, you take a couple steps, and when she doesn’t say anything to stop you, walk up to her and caress her shoulders and hair. “Wowwww,” you tell her, looking into her eyes, “that was amazing.” She smiles back, and reaches up for a kiss. You go to the bathroom door, flick off the light, and return to the bed, climbing in behind her and drawing her close to you. You totally want to fuck her, but you’ll let the night end with her self-orgasm, since you had yours earlier.

“Thank you, sweetie,” you tell her softly after a minute.

“For the naughty show?” she giggles. “You’re welcome.”

“Yes, and for… the whole evening. Wow, earlier, too, in the coffee shop… wow.”

She laughs and turns toward you. “Thank you. It was my fantasy after all to see you do that.”

“Oh, you know, the sacrifices I make to please you.”

“Ha, funny, yeah… now that I think about it, I probably accidentally just made one of your fantasies come true.”

“Yeah… sorry it didn’t work out like you wanted.”

“Huh?” She has a confused look on her face.

“Well, it wasn’t what you really wanted.”

“Yes, it definitely was… I mean, not the details exactly. My fantasy, when I thought about it before, was… you were doing her on a table in the corner, no one else there, I was going to signal if I saw someone about to come in.”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t the right person.”

She still looks confused. “Um, yeah, Elania… that is who I told you a few weeks ago.”

“Yeah, but you said ‘nothing hotter than watching you fuck an employee while she’s supposed to be working’ or something.”


“But Elania isn’t an employee. Turns out she’s the owner, the employer.”


“I seems as if I failed you. I didn’t do what you really wanted.”

“Oh, sure! You whore, you just want me to let you fuck someone else now.”

“You made the rules! I’m just-”

Your girlfriend hits you a couple more times, fake-angry. “I know what’s going on here.”

“I just don’t want you to be mad at me for doing it with the wrong person. I’d be happy to-”

“You just want to fuck… that other girl, what’s her name?” She shakes her first. “Nicole!”

“No, no, I… what? Nicole is… I don’t want to fuck her.”

Rachel just looks at you, and you realize that you may be lying to yourself, and that she sees through it. “Tell me, if she wanted to do it with you, and was right there and wanted it, you wouldn’t want to?”

Whoa, you think you actually would. Nicole isn’t hot, but she’s not ugly. Kind of cute, and her young body might be a turn on if you gave her another look. “I… I…”

“Thought so,” Rachel smiles at you.

“Um, okay, honestly, if she came on to me, if you two wanted me to, okay, sure, but I wouldn’t pursue it.” She looks at you with a ‘keep going’ look on her face. “I’m not going to go try to have sex with other people, I told you that on the way home. No way I would do that if you didn’t want to. You brought up Nicole, I didn’t, and if you’re going to try to get me with ‘would you do her’ scenarios about a bunch of other women, sure I would say yes to some.”

“Okay,” she smiles. “I know, I’m just kinda messing with you.” She turns over so that she’s facing away from, you, but cuddles back into you to spoon. “You were messing with me about Elania not being the right one, right?”

“Yeah… I guess I started it.” You kiss her ear and glide your hands over the side of her naked body.

You lie there quietly, listening to her breathing, and your mind begins to wander. It’s Rachel’s fault, teasing you with a sexy masturbation show and leaving you horny! And bringing up Nicole. You find yourself fantasizing about being back in the café. But this time, Nicole is spread open on a table, with you standing in front of her stuffing your dick inside her tight pussy; two of her friends are bent over the table, one on each side of you, sucking her little titties while your thumbs are digging inside their twats; Rachel is legs-up on the next table, moaning as she’s getting eaten out by Elania, who is backed up onto a big dildo that’s suction-cupped to the glass food case.