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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Kklol...)

You get up off the couch and walk towards your girlfriend’s ass. It’s finally time to fuck her.

Aunt Vera kneels before you, grinning.

You stand as she sucks you off real good. Her mouth feels much better than Carol’s or your girlfriend’s — it’s just amazing technique. That’s what comes with experience, you guess. After a very sloppy few minutes, you’re fully erect and fully lubed with Aunt Vera’s saliva. You get up and in position behind Rachel’s ass with your hands on her waist. Roy is on the couch now, with the two women working his dick with their mouths.

Placing your dick at her pussy entrance, you push inside — stretching her out completely. You hear a muffled moan from your girl. You’ve hit the spot.

You keep ploughing her and she also pushes back. After Roy has cum in to your Aunt’s mouth, she and Carol walk over to behold the spectacle.

“This is so fuckin’ hot,” Carol says, looking at your girlfriend’s ass take a beating. She even gives it a few slaps. You feel Aunt Vera’s hands caressing your ass.

“He’s so fucking muscular,” your aunt comments. She stands right behind you and mimics your motion, grinding against you. Her hands are moving all over your body — caressing and teasing.

Rachel’s pussy feels good, but strange. It’s definitely a little looser, but it’s far wetter and hotter. Your dick feels amazing as it smoothly slides in and out of her cunt.

Carol gets up and starts kissing you. You’re about to cum. And after three deep strokes, you hold your dick inside your girlfriend as you copiously unload your sperm inside her. Even after you’re done cumming, you keep your dick inside for a couple of seconds to make sure none of it can leak out. When you do pull out, Aunt Vera plugs her cunt with a carrot for good measure.

After this, Rachel is untied and everyone washes up and dresses up again. Out on the lawn, you say your goodbyes. Aunt Vera and Carol both French kiss you for some time, and then do the same with your girl before leaving.

Back in the bedroom, you two reflect.

“Baby, that was so much fun!” she says excitedly.

“I swear! Honestly I first thought it was a little weird. But there’s something about food and sex. It was great fun, really.”

“I know, right?! I was actually thinking what to do next. Maybe I could go to a butcher’s shop, pastry place, cover myself in flour, whipped cream, maple syrup, gravy, there’s so many options…”