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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Kklol...)

“Bitches are taken from the back,” you say and roll Rachel’s mother on to her fours. She moans and wiggles her large butt at you.

As you rub her clitoris and get in position, you notice that she’s really fucking hot. She has very few wrinkles, her pussy is neatly trimmed, tummy is toned, her ass is big and her tits, while sagging a bit, are still huge and sexy. This is going to be great!

You grab her love handles and place the tip of your painfully hard dick at her pussy entrance. She pushes back against you and takes you all the way in. While your wife is definitely tighter, Ashley’s cunt is much juicier. As you try to pull out a little bit, you feel her cunt tighten like a vice around your shaft, making you moan.

“Holy fuck, Ashley!”

She grins and looks back at you as you start fucking. This woman is a goddess!

Soon, you’re fucking her tight and hot pussy hard from behind, sending ripples up her butt. Her tits are flopping around wildly and her moans are more like hungry, animalistic grunts. You keep spanking her ass and it only makes her fuck you harder. She loves the sting on her butt!

You look at your girlfriend, who is mesmerized and fucking her asshole with a vibrator. You wet your thumb in your mouth then push it into Ashley’s tight anus while looking into her daughter’s eyes. She screams and starts jumping you even harder. She furiously rubs her clitoris while you fuck her.

“I’m cumming, baby!” she screams as you feel her pussy clench even harder. You hold your dick deep inside her while she cums, remembering how your girlfriend liked it. You didn’t know, though, that Ashley was a squirter. As she cums, you feel a jet spray of girl-juice against your dick, balls, and thighs. It’s warm and wet and fucking sensational. Rachel could never do this. You slowly pull out and Ashley gets on her knees. Your dick is too sensitive right now.

“Want me to clean you up, stud?” Ashley asks you sweetly. You nod with a smile.

Here too, she’s much better than her daughter. First, she uses her tongue to properly clean your dick, balls, and inner thighs. After that, she deep throats you with her fingernails digging into your ass. And, with your dick down her throat, uses her tongue to lick your balls. You almost pass out.

Then, after sucking you off a bit, she starts sucking your balls while jerking you off. All the while, she’s looking up straight into your eyes.

“Baby, I’m gonna shoot.”

Ashley quickly puts your dick in her mouth and, with her hands on your ass, takes you all the way in. You grab her ears and after three deep strokes, unload copiously into her mouth with a loud moan. With your dick still in her mouth, you can feel her throat muscles swallow every drop.

After you pull out, she licks her lips and winks at you. You collapse on the bed and look at your girlfriend, who’s also orgasmed out.

“What now, baby?”