Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

After a couple of hours you awake to find Rachel’s sleeping niece naked beside you, resulting in you getting an almost instant hard-on. You then realize it is the sound of the front door closing that has woken you up. After a few minutes of various noises from downstairs you hear footsteps on the stairs. Although you know your girlfriend is fully aware of what has just happened a few hours ago, you still have a feeling of guilt and are worried about her catching you still naked with her niece.

As the door opens Rachel smiles at you and pushes the door wide, struggling to bring the various bags into the room at once. After dumping them on the floor she quickly makes her way across to you and kisses you deeply while gently playing with your erection. With her other hand she starts to stroke Katherine’s exposed cunt. Gradually Katherine starts to come round. Instantly Katherine starts to feel embarrassed about the situation and tries to cover up.

“No,” says Rachel, “you let my boyfriend fuck you up the ass and then licked me out, so it’s pretty silly that you are getting embarrassed by this. Open your legs!”

Katherine, her face showing fear and confusion, obliges.

“I am going to tell you what’s going to happen now and for the weekend,” Rachel continues, pushing three fingers deep into Katherine while taking a big suck on your cock. She turns to address you. “Darling, I’m really sorry but the credit card just took a hammering at Ann Summers.” Suddenly she removes her hand from Katherine’s cunt and lets go of your cock.

“Tomorrow your best friend Jamie is coming over, as well as Danny the student from work. I have also invited Helen’s and Tara’s husbands over for a game of cards for you. Katherine and I will be the waitresses for the night. Before the weekend is out we will be using all or none of these…” Rachel then tips the three carrier bags of items onto the bed.

One by one, you and Katherine look on in amazement as Rachel holds up a range of butt plugs, a very realistic schoolgirl outfit complete with socks and tie, a strap on dildo, two full crotch-less body stockings, a nurses outfit, matching summer dresses that look cute and innocent but out of place until you realize the cut means they stop just below the panty line, and some small blue pills, to name but a few of the things laid out in front of you.

Handing a small blue pill to each of you, Rachel smiles. “So what do we test out tonight before the big event tomorrow?”