Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Klohlk...)

This is going to be epic, you think, sitting outside the Satriale’s Meat store smoking a cigarette. You look inside the plate glass window. There’s a beautiful collection on display: three skinned goats and, hanging by ropes beside them, your buck naked girlfriend. Her slender arms are tied above her head to the ceiling by her wrists. She’s kept high enough for her toes to just reach the floor if she stretches, and it’s really accentuating her figure. With her hands above her head, her big tits are looking perkier and bouncier than ever. Her beautiful hair is open and falls just below her shoulders, partially covering her bare, smooth armpits. Her stomach is flat and toned. While her waist is slim, her hips are wide because of the curvaceous booty she’s packing behind her. Standing on her tippy toes, her butt is looking perfectly ripe and firm — ready for a nice spanking. Her thighs and legs look super firm and toned too. As she’s looking out the window, she can’t help but grin and bite her luscious lips.

You walk inside and turn her around to face you. “You wanna get this party started?” you ask her with your hands caressing her thighs.

“Yeah, baby, fuck me!” she nods.

So you turn Rachel over and feel her ass up. You really lucked out with this girl. You give her ass a firm spank to elicit a moan and then you take out your dick. You slap it on her cunt a few times and notice that she’s already wet.

“Slut,” you mutter and laugh under your breath as you position your dick at her entrance. Your fingers dig into her hips and push your dick all the way inside her. She throws her head back and her moans echo inside the store as you start humping her.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she says you plow her cunt and occasionally spank her butt.

Soon, a small crowd of guys is beginning to form outside the store. Some of them walk inside and ask the store owner, “Hey? Is that piece of meat for everyone?”

“For ten bucks an hour, you can have her,” the portly old man replies.

“Awesome! Here you go,” the guys says and walks over to you and watches as you fuck her hard. You take a cupful of gravy from nearby and pour it down her sweating, toned back. As it drips off her, you lick it off while fucking her.

Rachel’s writhing in pleasure and you too are nearing your climax. You reach around and start rubbing her clit which drives her insane. Then you shove your cock all the way inside as you unload your cum deep in her. She too arches her back and throws her head back as she nearly screams with climactic pleasure. When you’re done cumming, you pull out and step aside for the next guy who’s been jerking his dick off.

“What the fuck is going on here?” he asks with a grin.

“Just fuck me, will ya?” your girlfriend replies. You’re in love with her.

So he obliges her — in no time he’s fucking her brains out with his hands on her big tits. He dips his hand in some gravy and splashes it on her tits. He rubs it all over them and then reaches for her mouth. She opens up and starts sucking hard on his index and middle finger as he fucks her from behind. He pinches her nipple with his other hand, making her twist and struggle with her ropes as she orgasms again.

“I’m-going-to-cum,” he mutters between humps.

“Go ahead,” you say. “Wherever you want. Just not her mouth.”

He grins as he holds Rachel really close, dick entirely inside her and fingers in her mouth, and moans loudly as he unloads his cum deep into her womb. When he pulls out, you can see the cum leaking out of her cunt. There’s also a sheen of sweat on her body where it’s not covered by gravy.

“Best meat I’ve ever had,” he says as he walks out and tucks his dick back inside.

Seeing this, a lot of other guys also enter the shop and pay the store manager for some time with your girlfriend. Some of them even fuck her together — one in the ass and one in her pussy. Towards the end, there’s gravy and cum all over Rachel’s body — sprayed over her back, dripping down her legs, rubbed on her ass and tits, etc. Only her mouth was left untouched during this experience, as was agreed.

When closing time comes, you and the pork store manager lower her ropes and she falls on her knees — covered in sweat, gravy, and mostly cum. Then both of you pull out your cocks. She smiles.

“Sure you can do this, babe?” you ask her.

Rachel grins. “I can do this all night long, babe. Now put that meat in my mouth!” She starts sucking you off while jerking off the manager.

It’s amazing she’s still got this much energy left in her. She’s enthusiastically bobbing her head down your dick, spitting on it, rubbing it on her face, and tonguing your balls too. She then does the same to the manager’s much older dick while jerking you off. She then alternates very quickly between blowing your dicks and even tries to shove both dicks in her mouth at the same time, which is rather weird. Soon her mouth and the two dicks are covered in saliva and pre-cum. She starts massaging both your sacks with her mouth wide open as you jerk off, ready to cum. The manager is the first to dribble his cum over Rachel’s forehead and cheeks before wiping it off on her lips. Finally, then, you shoot your load all over her face, neck and even inside her mouth which she dutifully swallows. You then watch as she cleans herself up and dresses up in a conservative t-shirt and pants for the ride home.

As you lie in your bed before sleeping, you can’t help but wonder how to continue this game further. All you know is that you have not had enough meat. Not nearly enough.