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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by KLOL...)

The following week, you two are at her parents’ house for a lunch party. It’s her father’s 52nd birthday and, since he doesn’t like big shindigs, only the four of you are there. Nonetheless, this being a special event, you’ve all tried to dress nice. Both the men are in suits. Your girlfriend is wearing a peach noodle-strapped dress that ends halfway down her thighs. Her hair is styled in large curls, her feet are encased in six-inch heels and her lips just have a layer of shiny lip gloss. In fact, she is looking so good you couldn’t resist a little grope in the taxi on your way over. Her mother too is looking fabulous. She’s wearing a deep blue strapless dress that ends just below her waist, with high heels, red lips, and a wide jeweled necklace. Her bountiful curves are beautifully accentuated and you can’t help but think about her naked body as you hug her on arrival.

After the rather heavy lunch, your girlfriend is upstairs swapping stories with her dad as you make your way down to the kitchen for some water. You find Ashley in the kitchen doing the dishes. Her curvaceous body is leaning over the sink. As she rubs those plates down, your eyes linger over the large ass and quivering tits.

“Didn’t see you there,” she smiles at you as you look up to her face. She’s beautiful.

“Oh, hi. Sorry, didn’t mean to be gawking at you like that,” you say as you walk over to her.

She just smiles widely.

“It’s just that you look so ravishing today, Ashley,” you say as you stand beside her, leaning against the kitchen counter. From this vantage point, you can see the sunlight falling on her deep cleavage as she cleans the dishes.

“What do you mean, ‘today’?” she asks you with a cute frown.

You laugh, saying “Aw, come on. You know I always find you sexy.”

After a tense pause, you add, “You haven’t forgotten about last week, I hope?”

“Last week?” she asks, “What about last week?”

“Ashley, come on — ” you begin before she leans over to you and grabs your dick through your pants and whispers, “You mean, last week when you humped my fucking brains out? Yeah, I fucking remember.”

She relaxes her grip with a smile and goes back to the dishes. You adjust your pants.

“Well, glad to hear that,” you say stupidly.


You stand right behind her and move her hair over to one side, exposing her gorgeous neck. She stops with the dishes.

“What are you doing?” she asks softly.

“Just,” you say grabbing her waist, “helping you with the dishes.” You kiss her neck, making her bite her lower lip.

“Yeah? How is this helping?” she asks with a smile in her voice.

“Oh, you know,” you say between kisses on her neck and shoulder, “Just making it more interesting. Don’t want you to be bored.”

“Oh, you’re such a good boy,” she says as she pushes her ass back to you. You feel your erection pushing against her butt.

You bite her neck as your hands move up to squeeze her big tits. She stifles a moan and reaches around to grab your hair. You feel her other hand struggling with your belt. You help her by taking your dick out of your pants and pushing her body on to the kitchen counter, face down. You pull her short dress up, and pull her white cotton panties down to reveal a very wet pussy.

You tease her pussy lips with the tip of your dick for some time before she gets up on her elbows, looks around and says, “Will you just fuck me already?”

Grinning, you grab on to her ass and shove your dick inside her.

“Ooof!” she says you fill her to the hilt.

You close your eyes as the wonderfully familiar feeling of her hot, wet cunt around your cock comes back to you. You see her ass jiggle in front of your eyes as you squeeze it and spank it, loving ever second.

“Harder,” you hear her say.

You reach forward and grab a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back to increase the penetration.

“Fuck, yes!” she moans.

You fuck her harder and harder till the only sound in the room you can hear is the slapping of your thighs on her ass and the occasional spanks you administer. In a few minutes, you feel that wonderful pussy clench around your dick like a vice and it’s heaven. She moans a bit too loudly and beats her fist on the counter top as she cums hard. When she’s done, she laughs with joy, saying, “That was fucking awesome!”

“Now my turn?” you ask.

She grins as she starts fucking you harder than ever. She’s rolling her hips and clenching her cunt and it feels like her entire body is trying to milk the cum out of your dick. You’re coming closer and closer, when —


You pull out. Ashley gets on her feet. You turn around and see it’s both your girlfriend and her father, aghast. You say nothing.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?” Rachel screams. “Answer me!”

“Baby, you know, last week…,” you begin.

“That was a one-time thing! What’s the fucking matter with you? And Mom?” she asks, looking utterly destroyed.

“What one-time thing?” her father asks.

“Nothing,” your girlfriend tries to dismiss him.

“No, Goddammit, what one-time thing?” he asks. Ashley gives in.

“I fucked her boyfriend once last week as a favor, that’s all. And baby, I’m really sorry,” Ashley says sincerely.

“What the fuck,” the old man sighs, “what the actual fuck?”

“You’re SORRY?” Rachel shouts.

“Baby,” you begin, “Please. What can I do to make it up to you? What can we do?”

Rachel’s outrage subsides for a brief second and she says, hysterically, “You can choose. Me. Or her. Choose. Now.”

“Baby,” you begin with a totally inappropriate grin, “that’s a ridiculous notion. Ashley is a married woman.”

“Oh trust me,” Ashley’s husband says, “that won’t be a problem anymore. We’re through.”

You look at Ashley, her dress still bunched up around her waist, exposing her wet cunt. She doesn’t really seem too disappointed by the impending divorce. Guess she was really unsatisfied with the old man. Your girlfriend is still glaring at you, upset and expecting.

As you ponder these heavy decisions, your mind can’t help but wonder one simple thing — why can’t have all these people walked in after you had cum? Is that too much to ask for?