Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by John...)

“Let’s have a threesome at the cinema with my best friend Monica!” your girlfriend suggests.

“Really? Isn’t that risky?” you ask.

“It’ll be fun,” she replies.

You both get dressed. Rachel puts on a really sexy white bra and thong then a short skirt and crop top. She ties her hair into a ponytail and does her makeup neatly while you put on some jeans and a T shirt. You both get in the car and head to her best friend’s house. Monica willingly gets into the car as if she knew the plan already, wearing a long coat that is done up revealing nothing underneath it. You arrive at the cinema and queue.

“So what do you wanna watch, ladies?” you ask.

“A film that doesn’t have many people in,” your girlfriend replies.

You buy the tickets for a film that has four other people in it and head to your seats. You take your seats then ask Monica a question you’ve being dying to ask.

“So what are you hiding under that coat?”

She smiles and replies, “nothing.”

You get half hour into the film and suddenly Monica stands up. “It’s getting quite hot in here,” she says.

She undoes her coat and you stare at her in amazement. The coat drops to the floor to reveal her naked sexy body. You look over to your girlfriend but she is engrossed with the film. Monica drops to her knees and starts rubbing your dick through your jeans, then undoes your jeans and pulls them down to your ankles. She licks and teases your dick whilst gazing into your eyes, while Rachel is still not paying attention. You shut your eyes in pleasure as she works her mouth up and down your throbbing dick then all of a sudden you feel a second tongue.

Rachel is in her underwear licking your balls as her best friend works on the shaft. Monica then stands up and suddenly buries her ass onto your dick, bouncing up and down while you make out with your girlfriend fingering her at the same time.